Huawei Node B DBS3900

This program provides deep understanding of Network architecture and interfaces of WCDMA Technology. It covers the hardware system structure and functional modules of Huawei DBS3900 Node B. It also exposes the participants to gain a hands-on experience on Commissioning of DBS3900 Node B, with the troubleshooting of its internal alarms.

Course Pre-requisites

The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of GSM technology. He should possess relevant work experience on 2G/3G BTS.

Course Summary

  • 3G Technology Overview
  • Functional Modules of DBS3900 Node B
  • Installation and Commissioning of DBS3900 Node B
  • LMT & M2000
  • BTS & BSC Alarm interpretation, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Fault, configuration and performance management

After attending this program, you should be able to

  • Understand the 3G technology, with WCDMA techniques and interfaces
  • Explain the functional modules of BTS 3900 and RTN 910 with different configurations
  • Master on handling of software tools like LMT
  • Perform Commissioning of Node B and RTN 910
  • Perform alarm analysis, troubleshooting and O&M of Huawei Node B to reduce network downtime
  • Do the fault, configuration and performance management
  • Test, integrate & Troubleshoot alarms of Node B.

Course Details   3G Technology Overview

  • WCDMA channel Coding,WCDMA interleaving
  • Spreading Technology,Channelization Code
  • Scrambling Code,Rake Receiver

   Functional Modules of DBS3900 Node B

  • Node B 3900 Logical Structure
  • Capacity and Characteristic,Baseband Interface
  • Node B 3900 Modem Unit,Control Unit
  • Node B 3900,Interfaces/Switches/Indications

   LMT & M2000

  • LMT Menu Options
  • MML Commands
  • Alarms/Status
  • Equipment Setup

   BTS & BSC Alarm interpretation, analysis and troubleshooting

  • Physical layer faults
  • Transmission Layer Faults
  • Cell Setup Failure

   Fault, configuration and performance management through OSS


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