18 Years in Telecom industry – Turnkey, Managed Service Active and Passive Infrastructure Project Management, Training u0026amp; Technical Support in Radio, Transmission and Network Management.


22 Years in IT– Strategic Outsourcing, Customer Relationship Management, Program u0026amp; Service Delivery Management, Competence Development Planning.



22 Years in Telecom – Strategic Outsourcing, Managed Services, Market Entry u0026amp; Growth Strategy, Start-up Planning, Organisation Planning.


28 years in Wireless and Wireline Telecom Industry covering activities like Managed Services, Project Management, Logistics, Procurement Management, Business Development and Account Management.

20 Years in Marketing, Business Development and Strategy – Channel Strategy, Start-up Planning, Client Relationship Management u0026amp; International Business Management.

23 Years in Telecom industry – Setting up Telecom Universities, Workshops on Project Management, Competence Build-up, Management and Technical trainings, Implementation u0026amp; Technical Support.


42 years of experience in Telecom Industry – Hybrid energy solution design and dimensioning, end to end multivendor wireline, wireless Project Management, Training and Operations.

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