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We believe no technical training is complete without a practical exposure to equipments and tools. Hence all our technical courses are a combination of theoretical concepts and hands-on exercises on equipments. Cognitel’s uniqueness lies in our ability to deliver such experience to our students through the investments that we have made to create world class labs. Our labs are continuously upgraded to incorporate newer technologies and products. The following are the equipments that we provide access to our trainees:

Radio Access

  • NSN 3G Radio Network Controller (RNC)
  • NSN 2G Base Station Controller (BSC)
  • NSN Transcoder and Sub-multiplexer (TCSM)
  • NSN Flexi EDGE Base Station
  • NSN Ultrasite EDGE Base Station
  • NSN Metrosite EDGE Base Station

Transmission Products

  • NSN Flexi Hopper PDH Microwave Radio
  • NSN Metrohub Cross Connect
  • NEC NEO Pasolink SDH MW Radio
  • ECI BG20 SDH Optical Multiplexer

RF Planning 

  • RF Planning Tool (Asset)
  • MW Planning Tool (PATHLOSS)
  • RF and LOS (Line of Sight) Survey kit
  • TEMS Drive Test and Benchmarking Kit
  • Post Processing and Analysis (ACTIX)
  • EMF Testing – Narrow and Broad Band

Datacom Products

  • CISCO Routers and Switches
  • Juniper Router
  • RAD and Netgear Wi-Fi Routers and Switches

Core Products

  • NSN Rel4 Media Gateway (MGW)
  • NSN Mobile Switching Center (MSC)/Visitor Location Register (VLR)
  • NSN Home Location Register (HLR)

Green Energy Passive Infrastructure

  • Delta Power Plants
  • Amara Raja VRLA Battery Bank
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind Turbine
  • DC DG Set
  • Li-On Battery Bank
  • Microcontroller with WEB interface through SMS

Keep visiting our website to find more additions in our growing list of equipements.

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