Why Should an Experienced Professional Enroll for a PMP Course?

After you have been managing projects for  few years and have successfully completed them, the next step to your career enhancement may come by enrolling for PMP courses? This is the best option for professionals whose work area includes beginning, scheduling, and executing the project. A PMP certificate will serve as a proof that you […]

Cloud Computing: The Virtualize World of Computer

cloud computing

  Why? Cloud Computing make traditional IT faster, better and cheaper. It has the potential to change and develop the business and IT landscapes in future. What? Cloud is a metaphor for the network and internet. It is used to provide services from computing resources. Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data and programs over […]

Why LTE came into existence ?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest high speed 4G technology introduced in 2010 by AT & This standard is developed by 3GPP and is specified in its release 8 series. Its architecture is based on Internet Protocol (IP) packet switched network. It is mainly used for data. There are many procedures to make a […]

Cloud computing security issues and solutions

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing service wherein resources are shared, software and other information are provided to end subscribers for their computers and devices on-demand. It is a new phenomenon that has revolutionised the way we use internet. The computing service is provided by the datacentres to the software service providers who further provide […]

Entering the world of Virtual Reality-Cloud Computing

he next big trend in the world with the popularity of internet and the requirement to manage big data resources economically and efficiently is “Cloud Computing”. What do we understand from the designation Cloud http://gty.im/163123148 Computing? To be very specific and clear in the meaning and the definition of Cloud Computing; we observe that the […]

How neighboring selection can be atomized in LTE


ANR (Automatic neighbour relations) or Automation in Defining Neighbors is the feature of the new technology Self Organizing network(SON). SON is a collection of functions for automatic configuration, management and healing of cellular networks. It is considered to be a major necessity in future mobile networks to do possible savings in capital expenditure (CAPEX) and […]

Augmentation in telecommunication

telecom training

TELECOMMUNICATION, no doubt is one of the fastest growing industries not only in India… but also all around the globe. As cellular phones have replaced outdated wireline systems, therefore there is an explosive growth in the field of   communication that suggests a bright and a stupendous future for engineers in the field of Telecom. As […]

Production of Telecom Products in India

India, being at the fourth rank in telecom equipment manufacturer in asia pacific region contribute’s only 8.5% share of regional telecom equipment production revenue just because 90% of telecom gear in India’s market are being imported. India constitute 6.6% of global demand for telecommunication equipments in 2014-2015 and industry is expected to spend upto INR […]

Why to Get a CCNA Certification?

ccna course

Does the field of networking attract you? Want to advance you career in the networking field? You will have to get a ccna certification, which will prove that you are an expert to troubleshoot, operate, install, and configure medium sized routing networks and switching. Every organization wants to appoint an expert and Cisco Certified Network […]

Project management skills – A success mantra to project’s success

project management certification

The perfect blend of planning, executing, monitoring and controlling can aid in completion of a project on time, in budget and bring in excellence. An efficacious project manager is the one who can view in mind’s eye the entire project from its inception to finale and have an expertise to accomplish this vision. Effective project […]