Why choose telecom sector as career ?

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Are you in a dilemma, whether to opt for the telecom sector after completion of Technical Graduation (B.Tech./B.E.)? Then, let me throw some light in this field that will aid you in your choice for your forthcoming endeavors. In today’s world, communication is the part and parcel of everybody’s life and telecom is the biggest […]

LTE Roadmap : LTE training and course

LTE road map

Statistics have estimated that the volume of data traffic is about to grow significantly over the next decade. There is about to be a 100 times more mobile data traffic than what there is today. Even the most conventional prediction points toward a tenfold increase. Though 3G/WCDMA would remain highly competitive for several more years […]

5 Things You Should Look For While Choosing Summer Training

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Summer Training is one of the most important parts of the engineering curriculum. It can prove to be a decisive factor in defining the career path of an Engineering students. Having said that , it becomes utmost important for the student to find a good opportunity to do summer training. Here are some important do’s […]


Very early in the life of a project, it is an imperative necessity to identify the stakeholders. In order to achieve the same one need to understand what a stakeholder is! Stakeholders are people or groups, which have absolute concern with regards to the outcome of the project. A stakeholder can be any person or […]

Emerging Telecom Technologies – A New Era of Communication

From the invention of the printing press to the telephone, the radio, and internet, the ways (through networks like 2G, 3G, 4G, etc) people communicate is changing dynamically. The effects of these changes often resound through generations. Telecom technology is the very essence of today’s telecommunications industry. To par with the ever-growing need for sophisticated […]

Strategic Process For Time Management

Planning Process 1.) Plan Schedule Management 2.) Define Activities 3.) Sequence Activities 4.) Estimate Activity Resources 5.) Estimate Activity Durations 6.) Develop Schedule Monitoring And Controlling Process 1.) Control Schedule

Project Integration Management Process – An Expert Guide By Cognitel

1.) Initiating Process – Develop Project Charter 2.) Planning Process – Develop Project Management Plan 3.) Executing Process – Direct and Manage Project Work 4.) Monitoring & Controlling Process – Monitor & Control Project Work Perform Integrated Change Control 5.) Closing Process – Close Project or Phase

OFFLINE-2-ONLINE – The New Buzz In The Education And Training

Off2On (O2O) has become a big catch phrase that may be considered as the next whale of a thing after the advent of “mobile”. Almost everyone is speaking of it, may it be an internet egg head or a commoner. So what is this O2O precisely? O2O stands for “Offline to Online”. Basically it is […]

Importance of Long Term Evolution-LTE Training For Networking Professionals

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the newest data transmission technology that is becoming immensely popular today due to several benefits that it offers. It provides high peak data rates, high spectral efficiency, frequency flexibility and short round trip time. It is a 4G networking technology which ensures that permanence of competitiveness of 3G network systems […]

Does PMP Certification means an upsurge in career ?

The value of PMP certification is an issue of dilemma among project Managers these days. At the vital pivot of their career, they find themselves asking questions whether the project management certification can make them take a big leap in their career?