3G technology refers to the THIRD GENERATIONTECHNOLOGY of the wireless networks. It is an enhanced version of 1G as well as of the 2G technology. If we talk about the 1G it was the basic analog radio system that established the first cellular radio infrastructure and 2G was based on digital system.

3 gtechonolgy

The need for the 3G technology into accordance as per the demand for the much more data speed and the requirement for more efficient applications in accordance to overcome the disadvantages or the lack of functionality provided by the 1G and 2G technologies. 3G is also known as the UMTS(universal mobile telecommunication system) providing a wireless access to the data and information to the users.

It was successfully launched and introduced to the millions of the consumers all over the globe. It was first released in JAPAN in October,2001. The 3G phone supporting this technology was designed for the users to have the ability to surf the internet , watch movies , download songs and videos and view pictures of other individuals that they are in contact with. It works at the speed of 2 mbps.

The speed efficiency and connectivity is much better than the previous technologies.

Users can perform all the functions on a 3G phone with the enhanced speed , efficiency and connectivity as it offers a faster connectivity as per the users requirements including a much better entertainment applications. It gives a much better video call facility, clearer communication and faster speeds when two parties are using the same 3G technology. The transferring of the data through wireless 3G technology is regardless of the time and location.

It is the current mobile technology and is now the most rapidly growing host amongst mobile handset, The connectivity in regard to the previous technology is much more better and faster. This technology has various advantages such as quicker connectivity, music entertainment with better quality and faster access of the internet.

It also provides the advantage for the video calling , enjoying calls to the family as well as friends across the world because of the faster speed. Its caliber and clarity are heightened with the ability usable as long as the people are employing the new 3G technology.

Utilizing this technology individuals may utilize their handsets and let them function as a modem in their laptops to send files as this allows very fast file acquisitions, therefore only few minutes are required for the downloading process. Getting the information is one of the best features in the 3G technology, which allows the users to view the latest news as well as headlines receiving data like weather report, sports and economic information.

 This enables the users to get the updated live scores for any match . Like these there are several new applications that a 3G network provides such as video phone, video on demand, mobile television, traffic monitoring, online games, location services, picture and ring tone download , etc. Apart from these there are several more applications of 3g and hence many more are being developed day by day in accordance to get a much better facility and a much better usage of this technology. Enhancement to these technologies will never end as there usage and demand keeps on increasing day by day.

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