Cloud Computing: The Virtualize World of Computer

cloud computing

  Why? Cloud Computing make traditional IT faster, better and cheaper. It has the potential to change and develop the business and IT landscapes in future. What? Cloud is a metaphor for the network and internet. It is used to provide services from computing resources. Cloud Computing means storing and accessing data and programs over […]

Cloud computing security issues and solutions

Cloud computing is an internet-based computing service wherein resources are shared, software and other information are provided to end subscribers for their computers and devices on-demand. It is a new phenomenon that has revolutionised the way we use internet. The computing service is provided by the datacentres to the software service providers who further provide […]

Entering the world of Virtual Reality-Cloud Computing

he next big trend in the world with the popularity of internet and the requirement to manage big data resources economically and efficiently is “Cloud Computing”. What do we understand from the designation Cloud Computing? To be very specific and clear in the meaning and the definition of Cloud Computing; we observe that the […]