Why LTE came into existence ?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest high speed 4G technology introduced in 2010 by AT & This standard is developed by 3GPP and is specified in its release 8 series. Its architecture is based on Internet Protocol (IP) packet switched network. It is mainly used for data. There are many procedures to make a […]

How neighboring selection can be atomized in LTE


ANR (Automatic neighbour relations) or Automation in Defining Neighbors is the feature of the new technology Self Organizing network(SON). SON is a collection of functions for automatic configuration, management and healing of cellular networks. It is considered to be a major necessity in future mobile networks to do possible savings in capital expenditure (CAPEX) and […]

LTE Roadmap : LTE training and course

LTE road map

Statistics have estimated that the volume of data traffic is about to grow significantly over the next decade. There is about to be a 100 times more mobile data traffic than what there is today. Even the most conventional prediction points toward a tenfold increase. Though 3G/WCDMA would remain highly competitive for several more years […]

Importance of Long Term Evolution-LTE Training For Networking Professionals

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the newest data transmission technology that is becoming immensely popular today due to several benefits that it offers. It provides high peak data rates, high spectral efficiency, frequency flexibility and short round trip time. It is a 4G networking technology which ensures that permanence of competitiveness of 3G network systems […]