LTE Roadmap : LTE training and course

LTE road map

Statistics have estimated that the volume of data traffic is about to grow significantly over the next decade. There is about to be a 100 times more mobile data traffic than what there is today. Even the most conventional prediction points toward a tenfold increase. Though 3G/WCDMA would remain highly competitive for several more years […]

5 Things You Should Look For While Choosing Summer Training

cognitel telecom training

Summer Training is one of the most important parts of the engineering curriculum. It can prove to be a decisive factor in defining the career path of an Engineering students. Having said that , it becomes utmost important for the student to find a good opportunity to do summer training. Here are some important do’s […]

Expert Guide For Networking Courses and Certification

The search for the right career could be difficult but yet with right set of skills, you can enhance your chances of achieving your dream job. Most of the fresher look forward for career in IT industry. But what they often overlook is that IT industry is not just the software sector but networking is […]