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Business Ethics

This training module aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of business ethics, its importance in various aspects of business operations, and the benefits of adopting ethical practices for long-term success and social impact.

Course Outline

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  • Definition of Ethics in Business
  • Personal standards of right and wrong
  • Application in business contexts
  • Importance of Business Ethics
  • Impact on working relationships
  • Significance in successful business operations
  • Social Responsibility in Business
  • Ethical treatment of employees
  • Obligations to investors and shareholders
  • Building ethical customer relationships
  • Involvement in local communities
  • Ethical dealings with vendors and organizations
  • Rewards of Operating Ethical Businesses
  • Long-term growth and profitability
  • Positive company culture
  • Improved customer loyalty and trust
  • Consequences of Unethical Practices
  • Short-term financial gains vs. long-term losses
  • Impact on customers, employees, and reputation
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Meeting health and safety standards
  • Fair treatment of employees
  • Fair pricing practices for customers
  • Financial Ethics
  • Fair salaries and compensation
  • Transparent financial transactions
  • Ethical sourcing and procurement practices
  • Philanthropy and Social Impact
  • Corporate philanthropy initiatives
  • Social responsibility programs
  • Case study: Starbucks’ ethical practices and philanthropy