Cognitel helps Organizations in achieving better productivity through deployment of the right human capital, learning and collaboration and talent management. Very few organizations perform deep analysis on the productivity of human capital deployed. Often low productivity is a result of lack in clarity of job roles, skills required to perform these roles and the actual skill deployed. Cognitel uses its deep industry insight to perform a structured assessment of these parameters, advice on Change management, learning and development initiatives and continuous improvement. Cognitel applies practical approaches to learning and collaboration that can deliver quantifiable improvements in workforce performance.

Our services range from Strategy, Design to Ongoing operations support. While there are stories touted by leading firms on the success of the Outsourcing model, our experts go deeper into each of our client situations to understand the four big questions:

  • Why do they need to outsource – We perform structured discovery to understanding the core challenges faced by our clients in their operations and the root cause before making any recommendations on Out-sourcing versus In-sourcing.
  • What do they need to Outsource –We categorize functions and use our experience to advise on the candidates that should be outsourced and those that should be kept in-house to achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings.
  • How can they Outsource –We hand hold our clients through the entire Outsourcing journey from creation of RFIs and RFQs to final contracting.
  • Who to Outsource –We believe that this is one of the most critical decisions for any Organization to make since while there can be gains realized in the short term by cutting out low hanging inefficiencies, the larger benefits of Outsourcing accrue in the medium to longer term horizon. We bring in experts who have personal experience of having worked in leading Organizations and can help evaluate the strategic fit between our Clients and the potential Outsourcers.

Cognitel helps its clients to do an assessment of their managed services engagements with their vendors. This involves a careful scrutiny of pre-engagement discussions, contractual obligations and actual delivery. We get deeper into whether the services are being delivered in line with industry best practices, reporting accuracy and effectiveness, skill deployment, SLA adherence and Service Credits to evaluate the true value of the engagement.

This is a specialized service offered by Cognitel. Cognitel consultants have long standing years of global experience in structuring long term outsourcing contracts. We bring our collective wisdom to help clients during the contracting phase of their discussions with their clients. We specialize in construction of innovative pricing models that are either outcome based or very closely tied to business thereby making costs more predictable and aligned to business growth. It is also commonly observed that most contracts do not have tightly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are linked to the business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Not only do we help align the two but also construct objective SLA and KPI measurement mechanisms, exception handling and associated Service Credits and Rewards.

Tower Sharing is a key issue that confronts the Telecom Tower Industry worldwide. Tower sharing means optimizing site maintenance and built up costs the benefits of which can be directly passed on the Operators thereby resulting in a win-win situation for both the Infrastructure provider as well as the CSPs. Our data points indicate that Tower sharing can reduce up to 60% of an Infrastructure Provider’s costs. We help our clients with a comprehensive assessment of all their existing Towers and determining its suitability for leasing it to multiple communication service providers (Operators). We also help Tower Companies develop value proposition using scientific tools and techniques for their customers that better utilizes the existing infrastructure thereby providing a significant cost advantage while improving their own bottom line.

Site Acquisition is a key function for Tower Companies that lease space to provide infrastructure sharing options to Telecom Communication Service Providers. Effective Site acquisition can enhance the yield that can be derived from each location thereby improving the bottom line of these companies dramatically. Cognitel works with world’s leading infrastructure providers and has developed comprehensive insights into the challenges that confront effective site acquisition. We bring this knowledge to our to help them improve the efficiency of their site acquisition teams by providing a comprehensive set of tools, techniques and talent development on technical, process and behavioral issues that can significantly impact the choice of right sites that meet the service provider’s KPIs and the acquisition turnaround time.

A successful market entry must cover various aspects that need to come together seamlessly. Not only are the initial pieces of Opportunity, Regulatory and Market assessment important but it needs to be followed up with the right plan in terms of Execution and Rollout of services. Cognitel works with Equipment providers who are looking to make an entry into the emerging markets of India, Indonesia and Africa and builds their plans from Strategy to Market launch. Our team of Management Consultants has vast experience in successfully managing businesses in these markets and would work with you to define a specific, relevant and targeted approach for your needs.

The Cognitel team boasts Management Consultants and seasoned Trainers who could be called upon to fill Management and Technology positions as and when a deficit arises in our clients’ teams. Our team will first analyze the current state and requirement of your organization before making a recommendation and providing a fitment for the role from the Cognitel team. The same service is offered for Colleges and Educational institutes from our team of technical trainers.


Our research methodology is simple. We believe that research must be “applied” to a business context and not be an “everything-for-everyone” basic study. It must therefore be relevant, right and actionable for business decision support. With this clear mindset, our team of researchers first work towards understanding your specific business requirement and then approach the research needs. At all times we keep our engagement bi-directional with our clients so that the work we deliver has clear relevance and purpose.

The presence of our team in emerging markets, working on the ground with the industry gives us a unique edge in providing a business understanding to our work. Some of the work we have done with our clients and the feedback we have received gives us tremendous confidence in building upon our existing capabilities.

As a team we organize ourselves in two distinct business groups, one focussing on technical research (such as product and technology research) and the other on business research and decisioning (such as market analysis and trending)

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