Objectives and Outcomes

  • Scientific approach to identifying Knowledge Areas and Skill Development need for a specific job role
  • Creating a high performance workforce by way of knowledge empowerment and certification
    • Every employee to be “RIGHT SKILLED” to perform his/her specific Job role
    • Improved motivation to perform his/her job functions
    • Readiness to move to next role – Better succession planning
  • Reduction of Technical Escalations
    • Less organizational burdening
    • Speedy execution
    • lower costs
  • Organizational ability to adapt to fast changing technology landscape
  • Maximize Organizational Productivity
  • Ready framework for induction of new employees for organizational expansion



Our Approach – Create Skill Dictionary Framework : Step 1

Our Approach – Skill Map u0026amp; Assessment Creation : Step 2

Our Approach – Gap Analysis and IDP Creation : Step 3

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