Cognitel develops high interactive and engaging e-learning courses for its clients as well as for itself. These courses span across multiple industry verticals and are aimed at providing an extremely rich learning experience to learners, be it Corporate employees or students. Cognitel has a large team of Instructional designers, Animators, Graphics designers and HTML programmers that create cutting edge content using industry latest tools and processes.

E-learning Design Strategy:

Establish target audience : Cognitel works with Customers to establish the target audience, their demographics, language proficiency and the skills challenges. This helps us in baselining the kind of content that will engage this audience the most. It is necessary to keep the audience in mind while choosing and deciding on the visual representations that may include Animated representation of key concepts, Real life video shoots, Multi-dimensional modelling, Character Animations and Level of interactivity.

Instructional design approach :
a. Understand Business Needs – Our team spends a large part of the effort to understand the business needs of our clients. This will then segue into the actual training needs. We believe it is important to follow this approach as it also helps us to later evaluate the impact of training on the business.

b. Understand Training Content – Our instructional designers may not be experts in the all the domains we work in. However, they diligently work with subject matter experts to ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of the raw content provided to us by our clients.

c. Content Chunking – We create the right sized content that starts by sparking an instant interest in the minds of the learner and extends through such time the learner is likely to be engaged before summarizing and closing the module. This ensures that we are very learner centric and are able to provide a superlative learning experience.
d. Create storyboard – Our storyboards are a visual representation of the content flow including graphics, on screen text and transcripts. We take our clients through this story to solicit ideas and comments before starting the process of development.
Content Development Methodology : The below process describes the whole development cycle, in the English language. Should Customers require the modules to be localized in vernacular/foreign languages, Cognitel can assist in the same.

Tools Expertise:-

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