Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. This includes things like visual perception, decision making, speech recognition, and translating between languages. Machine Learning (ML) refers to the process by which machines improve their performance without explicit programming. With machine learning, machines discover patterns, are able to make predictions, and get better over time with exposure to data. 

The AI-ML course is a self-learning module developed by Industry Experts, which takes you through the basics and intermediate level of understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Total duration of the e-learning course = 1 hour, which includes online videos and a final quiz.

On successful completion of the quiz, you will receive a downloadable “Course Completion Certificate”.


What you will learn:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  • History of AI
  • Relationship between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Types of AI
  • AI Industry Ecosystem
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science and Data Engineering
  • What is Machine Learning (ML)?
  • Application of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Classifications
  • What is Deep Learning?
  • Introduction to Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics
  • Case study discussion


Target Audience:

  • Anyone who wants to learn and understand Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning
  • Anyone willing to build a career in AI-ML, this is the correct start point for you.

Pre-requisites: Nothing.

Students and working professionals from any domain, with or without any knowhow on AI or ML, can register for this course.


If you are willing to become an AI Engineer or an AI Developer, then register for Cognitel’s HCIA-Artificial Intelligence virtual training program, where you shall be taken through practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Through HCIA-AI training, you shall be prepared for Huawei’s HCIA-AI certification exam.

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325 reviews for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  1. Shubhangi Chaware

    Good product at better price.
    Learning at own pace.
    Classes can be revisited virtually as many times as one wants

  2. Ritika Sharma

    nice content

  3. Dr. Neeta Verma

    Study Materials & Time Given to complete

  4. Jayavarapu Karthik


  5. Chandankumar Mishra

    new knowledge

  6. Antony Charles Fowler

    A good introduction into AI, very interesting delve into new areas that I was unaware of, and good explanations of all areas and functions.

  7. Anant Gadekar

    Basic, Concept, Knowledge

  8. Aniket Satish Jadhav

    AI Function, importance of digital data

  9. Sanju Kumar


  10. Deepak Mathew

    Uses of AI and type of Data analytics

  11. Avtansh Mishra

    AI Machine learning & Deep learning

  12. Chinmay Patil

    Got better understanding of AI/ML concepts. Also the course had various applications which helped to grasp quickly.

  13. Hitesh Prajapati

    Data Science, AI use in telecom , Data is the power

  14. Yagnik Thakar

    AI concept, Machine Learning concept and Use of AI in Telecom

  15. Himani Adsar

    Clearly understood the basics of AI

  16. Rupali Dagadu Akhade

    understood basics of AI

  17. Jigar Bhavsar

    Learnt AI and ML

  18. Maharshi Dave

    Introduction of AI and ML.

  19. Jaskaran Duggal

    Machine learning concept , AI for Telecom

  20. Satya Sai Karuturi

    supervised , unsupervised , ml understanding

  21. Floriano Adelino Mendes

    New world, possibilities, complex made easy

  22. Thibaut La Porta

    What is AI, how it could be useful and the historic of AI.

  23. Prasanta Sahoo

    Loved the course

  24. Gaurav Antal

    learnt very basic of AI

  25. Milan Dadhaniya

    AI, machine learning , algorithm

  26. Ashish Dashore

    AI online course was interesting

  27. Manoj Garg


  28. Paras Jani

    Machine learning AI

  29. Saurabh Kapadiya

    AI, MI

  30. Akshay Malik

    concept of AI, used cases in telecom, machine learning fundamentals

  31. Brajesh Kumar Rai

    Good learning about AI

  32. Dhruv Shah

    good for increasing knowledge

  33. Uttam Bhardwaj

    Loved the course

  34. Krishna Prabhu Chavali

    AI, Ml & Deep learning

  35. Naram Nagaraju


  36. Purvesh Patel

    How to Make our product more intelligent

  37. Babita Nayak

    machine learning

  38. Anand Kumar

    Overview of AI, ML and Data Science, AI in Telcom Industry, Use case of ML

  39. Ritesh Sanjay Patil

    future of AI in industry , use and application of AI and ML

  40. Sudhir Kumar Singh

    AI & ML

  41. Komal Kaduba Bharad

    Good understanding , Good presentation, Importance of Data in AI

  42. Nilesh Rathod

    Basic knowledge of AI jargons

  43. Ankit Thakkar

    AI&ML, ML&DL,AI in telecom

  44. Gauri Ghanekar

    good Information, knowldgeble

  45. Avadh Gupta

    More explanatory with use cases

  46. Saurabh Jain

    AI ML DL

  47. Imaad Khan

    Difference BTWn AI ML & Dl

  48. Tanmay Popat

    Organized, Short & Clear

  49. Poonam Ramanuj

    Data Analytics /ML/Data structure & Data design &Algorithms

  50. Saju Sebastian

    details of AI and ML

  51. Ankita Sehjpal

    AI, ML & Deep Learning

  52. Jasjeet Sethi

    learnt about the future scenarios adapting the AI and ML algorithms to bring ease in the processes at different verticals

  53. Ami Shah

    understanding of AI

  54. Jenisha Christian

    conceptual overview of AI

  55. Fenil Jayswal

    Importance of AI-ML, Deep Learning Concept, AI in Telecom Industry

  56. Vishal Karode

    AI in telecom Industry, Prediction of Market and quick decision through AI

  57. Sumeet Luktuke

    Application of AI, ML and use cases in telecom industry.

  58. Aparna Nath

    good content

  59. Pollai Shanmukha Rao

    Machine learning

  60. Hardik Shah

    Introduction and overview of AI and LM

  61. Ajay Bisht

    Basics of AI ML

  62. Deepak Browne

    The concepts of AI & ML got cleared

  63. Malak Kansara

    Subsets of AI, Differentiation of Data Analytics and Data Engineering, Role of AI in Telecom

  64. Manish Kumar

    machine learnig, computer uses,

  65. Varsha Kumawat

    Machine learning and its concepts

  66. Satyanshu Srivastava

    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Telecom Application

  67. Bhoomika Suthar

    Machine learnig, Artificial intelligence

  68. Reshma Korde

    The types of AI,ML ,Applications relevant to Telecom and the ecosystem aligned around it

  69. Mayur Navandar


  70. Abhishek Chandra

    Liked – Introduction, Overview of AI, AI Elements and its classification like Strong & Weak, Types of ML, DL & RL

  71. Tanvi Khuntale

    Introduction to AI and ML, Basics of ML and Application in various fields

  72. Hemang Raval

    AI, ML, Deep Learning

  73. Dipesh Zala

    telecom, speech and image recognization

  74. Manoj Dharmadhikari

    all things were very good

  75. Anant Kumar Sharma

    AI, MI and Deep Learning

  76. Sudipta Bhaumik

    regression, clustering, AI in finance

  77. Manoj Giri

    Came to know about different areas of AI and its uses in Telecom & Non Telecom industries

  78. Nitin Kumar

    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis

  79. Sergey Viktor Marunko

    Parts of AI, NLP, using AI in Telecom industry

  80. Vijay prasad N

    ML,Deep learning

  81. Saumendra Kumar Sahoo

    AI Applications, machine learning

  82. Pankaj Painuly

    AI, Computer vision, Machine learning

  83. Priyamvada Bhatnagar

    Artificial Intelligence Use cases , Application In Telecom , Types of ML & Data Analytics

  84. Nirav Daraji

    AI-ML course was very interesting

  85. Akhil Dubey

    Machine Learning Algos, use of AI in Telecom Industry, How unsupervised Machine Learning works

  86. Manish Jamwal

    Basic Knowledge of AI, ML and its uses

  87. Karan Patel

    Good concept on AI and Machine learning

  88. Suraj Umekar

    basics of AI and ML

  89. Priya Waghare

    Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI

  90. Ravi Shankar Vedula

    AI Modelling ,Future vision and Area of improvisation

  91. Pravin Wadile


  92. Mithun Das

    IOT & AI & BlockChain how related to AI

  93. Urvish Dholakia

    Course was very informative, summarized and conceptuly correct

  94. Balu Kedare

    nice sessions

  95. Sumit Keshari

    1. Importance of Data 2)How ML & DL can be a revolutionary things 3)Important to know the upcoming technologies

  96. P sai Manideep

    AI research areas, ML Types, AI & ML in Telecom

  97. Kalyan Subhash Mhaske

    AI uses in telecommunication indutries.

  98. Atul Mourya

    Defination of AI, Maching learining and Applications of AI..

  99. Tushar Prasad

    Clarity in terms of concepts

  100. Kishore Rajasekharuni

    AI relation to ML, Supervised vs unsupervised vs reinforced learning and Deep Learning

  101. Megha Sharma

    AI & ML basics, telecom applications

  102. Rupali Dattu Bharate

    Learnt What is AI, Machine learning, Applications where used AI…

  103. Saraswati Dash


  104. Gajanan S. Dhemare

    Learnt many things about artificial intelligence

  105. Manoj Bansilal Dumale

    Natural Language, Machine Learning, Learning Abilities

  106. Shreya Santosh Jajoo

    Basic understanding of AI and ML gained well

  107. Roushan Kumar Jha

    Uses of AI

  108. Jayesh Kanani

    Deep Learning, Telecom application , Interesting session

  109. Chanda Naveenkumar

    AI, ML, Deep Learning basics

  110. Pravin Jagannath Pandit

    AI Machine Learning, Deep learning ,

  111. Sandeepkumar Parisapogu

    machine learning(AI)

  112. Hardik Patel

    Visualization of Course Contents & Examples during the course is really appreciable.

  113. Manoj Rajaram Shinde

    Good information

  114. Vinay Badgujar

    Overall good training for very basics.

  115. Ramalingachary Biroju

    Liked AI

  116. Shweta Chaturvedi

    Loved the online course

  117. Kajal Chavan

    artificial intelligence machine learning deep learning

  118. Sitaram Galphat

    knowledge about artificial intelligence was well explained

  119. Sharad Vinayak Gavande


  120. Wadilal Shantilal Jadhao

    Types of AI

  121. Harshad Vijayrao Joshi

    more effetive

  122. Chappati Veera Mahesh


  123. Rahul Maurya


  124. Rajesh Bharat Nerpagar

    Monitoring equipments in AI, Data analysis & Speech processing

  125. Madhav Palaspure

    Artificial engineering, machine learning, natural language processing

  126. Bhargav Pathak

    AI, ML, Deep Learning, NLP

  127. Kiran Balasaheb Pathak


  128. Avinash Pawar


  129. Sonu Seth

    AI & ML & Data analyasis

  130. Ganesh Wamanrao Shewale


  131. Kilari Shyamu

    AL, ML

  132. Dolly Talreja

    All about AI , Machine learning

  133. D.L. Ubale

    need practical training

  134. E Vikram

    Practical Training approach was good

  135. Ankit Chandra

    Learnt about Artificial intelligence, Machine learning

  136. Pravin Rambhau Chavan

    very informative

  137. Sachin Wasudeo Darokar

    I learnt may new things

  138. Ankit Gandhi

    good learning

  139. G.Saravanan Guru

    AI & ML

  140. Avinash Baburao Kulkarni

    Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning

  141. Priyabrat Kumar

    AI & ML

  142. Durgesh Kumar


  143. Deepak Kumar

    AI, machine learning

  144. Ravins Kumar

    overall a good course

  145. Manoj Kumar


  146. Mukesh Suresh Kunte

    Deep learning algorithms,Machine learning algorithms,Supervised Learning And Unsupervised Cluster

  147. Vinit Ramesh Meher


  148. Dnyaneshwar Ramdas Mhaske

    AI future development. Big data analysis, Human interface

  149. Deepak Mourya


  150. Gopal Digambar Patil

    it is a nice course

  151. Laxman Dadarao Pund

    enhanced my AI-ML knowledge

  152. Bipinkumar Punambhai Rajput

    AI & ML

  153. Ratnakar Satapathy

    Data intelligence

  154. Chandan Kumar Singh

    Knowledgeable, Practical Use Cases, Well Curated

  155. Swati Shyam Sunder Bhoiyle

    good course

  156. Chokkakula Yerrinaidu

    liked the course

  157. Arif Usaman Ahmad Siddiqui

    Learnt Artificial intelligence

  158. Rizwan Ahmed

    Loved AL learning

  159. Ayush Anand

    everything was fantastic

  160. Ashok Radhakrishna Bawane

    all about AI

  161. Maya Bhagat


  162. Gaurav singh Bisht

    better understanding of machine learning


    learnt machine learning , AI, Computer vision

  164. Jawahar Lal Chauhan

    AL and machine learning

  165. Sandip Chavan

    good information for basic learners

  166. Swadhin Datta

    Artificial concept & machine learning

  167. Karri Renuka Devi

    AI, Data science

  168. Dayanand Babasaheb Goje

    nice course

  169. Arun Krishnan Kalarickal

    Basics of ML, What is the applications of AI in Telecom, Deep learning fundamentals

  170. Saravanan Kannappan

    Robotics, Algorithms, Science.

  171. Pradeep Kumar

    very informative

  172. Atul Kumar

    good insights on AI

  173. Sushil Kumar Mandal

    Basic of machine language, AI and usage of AI.

  174. Prashant Nirmal

    Learnt many new things

  175. Sachin Bhagwat Panchal

    improved my AI knowledge

  176. Omkar Pataskar

    researching and developing theories, methods, and systems to imitate

  177. Manorama Patel

    learnt as part of my organization requirements. Liked it

  178. Surendrasingh V Patil


  179. Bhimarao Devidas Pawar

    machine learning and deep learning importance of data in artificial

  180. Prakash Pradhan

    I learn all thing

  181. Anil Kumar Prajapat

    AI and deep learning

  182. Gorakhnath Gajananrao Pund

    good presentation

  183. Mohan Ram


  184. Yuvraj Sase

    DEEP Learning, Machine Learning

  185. Pradip Kundalik Sawant


  186. Sachin Shelke


  187. Govind Singh


  188. Harsh Prakash Singh

    lots of learning about artifical learning

  189. Bhanwar Singh

    Application & importance of AI, telecom industry roles, AI robots efficient in working 24*7

  190. Nandit Soni

    AI & ML

  191. Vinod Manikrao Thakre

    liked the course

  192. Aatish Amarsingh Thakur

    easy to learn

  193. Keshav Tripathi

    uses of AI, Importance of AI, Working of AI

  194. Vitthal Tukaram Vaidya

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  195. Manish Yadav

    good informative learning

  196. Ashok T. Adhav

    Liked the online course

  197. Jommy J. Alumkal

    great knowledge , enthusiasm , deeplearning

  198. Rahul Rajendra Arde

    Good training

  199. Rahul Sudhakar Budruk

    A great learning

  200. Kiran Chaudhari


  201. Vidya Karbhari Chikane

    It’s helped to understand the Artificial Intelligence

  202. Siddharth Punjahari Gaidhane

    Machine learning,AI,

  203. Guntuka Ganesh

    Learning of Artificial intelligent work function and procedure

  204. Suresh Bajirao Jadhav

    leaning , knowledge , power

  205. Amit Kumar

    good presentation

  206. Rahul Ramshankar Lomare

    Enhanced knowledge,data learning,and artificial intelligence,

  207. Ankitkumar Maurya


  208. Deepak Kumar Mishra

    new things learnt

  209. Sayan Paul

    knowledge , learning , challenges

  210. Dattu Bhikaji Pund

    Artficial intelligence

  211. Vishal Rajendra Shewale


  212. Aishwarya Soni

    AI applications interested me

  213. Sagar Sahebrao Suradkar

    loved it

  214. Deepak Tripathi

    machine learning

  215. Ravi Kiran Acharya

    I learnt AI, machine learning

  216. Amol Dnyandeo Dahatonde

    liked the AI e-learning

  217. Anjan Das

    Basic understanding, Key Attributes, Differentiations

  218. Mradul Dwivedi

    Neural Network types of algorithm

  219. Ravikumar Jankala


  220. Nanasaheb Kadam

    Knowledge improved

  221. Priyanka Khangarot

    AI, Machine learning Details

  222. Sateesh Kunamgari


  223. Padmakar Mishra

    good information

  224. Sanjeet Kumar Mishra

    know about AI based robots/ Know the Deep blue/ AI uses

  225. Sambhaji Dashrathrao More

    recommended for all

  226. P V N Suryanarayana

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  227. Sonal Nainwani

    About AI and ML, Application of AI in different industries

  228. Satish Pundalik Narode

    Good training

  229. Akash Palodkar

    knowledge improvement

  230. Ganesh Devidas Pandure


  231. Rasasekaran R.


  232. Jagdish Prasad Saini

    as expected

  233. Sanjay Shinde

    very good tor telecom knowledge

  234. Pushpendra Singh


  235. Kiran Ashok Udarbhare


  236. Divyanshu Verma

    artificial intelligence,machine learning

  237. Rupesh Kumar Badgujar

    we understand basic path way of AI and machine learning

  238. Shrihari Digambar Biradar

    learnt about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  239. Dharmesh Gandhi

    Thank you for a good course

  240. Laxmikant Ganeshrao Kadam

    application of Ai in telecommunication

  241. Durgesh Prasad Mishra

    Artificial Intelligence machine learning

  242. B.S. Pathak

    1. Predictive maintenance 2 Customer Segment 3, Cost effective

  243. Sunil Jugraj Patil

    machine learning, deep learning, AI industries works

  244. Sunil Ramesh Tandale

    good content

  245. Suhas Jeevanrao Ukkalgaonkar

    recommended for all

  246. Yogesh Ishwar Wagh

    nice course

  247. Uttam Ananda Zimur

    algorithm introducing

  248. Supantho Banerjee

    Uses of ML, Application changes etc

  249. Bhushan Shivaji Bhingude

    gained knowledge

  250. Gautam Shantaram Damodare

    Very Good learning

  251. Ranjan Kumar Dubey

    All important concepts were covered

  252. Manoj Baburao Gadekar

    learn about artificial intelligence,machine learning

  253. Popat Bhagwat Gunjal


  254. Tejesh Jampa


  255. S.Saneeth Kumar

    liked everything

  256. Dinesh Suresh Lodhaya

    good exposure

  257. Priyanka Mahankuda


  258. Anand Prakash Narayan

    AI,ML,Speech recognition

  259. Dhanjay Pandey

    Machine Learning ,Correct data analysis &correct data Input /output

  260. Arpit Parmar


  261. Binank Patel

    Robotics and Automation

  262. Prabhudatta Sahu

    AI is an interdisciplinary science with multiple approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry.

  263. Sangmeshwar Pratap Sakole

    Knowledge improvement

  264. Parag Sharma


  265. Munish Vats

    good one

  266. Sanketkumar Bhavsar

    ML/AI and advancement of technology

  267. Hemant Surendra Bothra

    AI and ML concept, Its application

  268. Safvan Kothawala

    basics of AI and ML

  269. Shekhar Kumar

    come to know about AI and Machine learning

  270. Ashutosh Kushwaha

    loved it

  271. Lahu Ram Lohar


  272. Potnuru Madhavi


  273. Nihal Mishra

    AI introduction, Machine Leaning, Deep Learning

  274. Bhagyashree Nayak

    I will recommend this to others

  275. Rohit Prasad Patel

    detailed about AI

  276. Kuriti Hari Prasad

    Basic knowledge

  277. Akhil Purushothaman

    Would have been little more detailed.

  278. Amol Rajput

    great effort

  279. P Balaobula Reddy


  280. Bharath Reddy Sareddy

    AI in Telecom and Machine learning

  281. Shreya Singh


  282. Rakesh Kumar Singh

    about machine learning

  283. Nishayvithaa Subramanian

    Machine Learning, AI, Application in telecom industry

  284. Shubham Kumar Biswas

    About NLP, Chatbot, data predication for E-commerce

  285. Pawan Kulaura

    AI, ML, Knowledge graph in AI.

  286. Ramniwas Bugaliya

    good course and all questions are good

  287. Swapnali Sunilrao Deshmukh

    knowledge enhancement

  288. Sheldon Carl Dsilva

    ML AI Deep learning

  289. Bharat Raj

    Applications of AI in various industrial sectors, Data driven Analytics, Types of Machine Learnings.

  290. Dheeraj Singh

    Artificial intelligence and its attributes. Application range of different types of artificial intelligence systems. Importance of Data today and how it impacts automation

  291. Srividya Ramnath

    Deep Learning

  292. Shashank Mandloi

    AI introduction, Its advantage, Use in day to day life

  293. Nehal Parekh

    go for it

  294. Rajneesh Singh

    I already know data science

  295. Tilemachos Koulouris

    AI general and historic information

  296. Jignesh Dholakiya

    AI, ML and Its Applications

  297. Divya Rai

    To understand some of the deeper concepts, such as data mining, natural language processing, and driving software, you need to know the three basic AI concepts: machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. While AI and machine learning may seem l

  298. Jitender Singh Saini

    It is good to be updated about

  299. B.Dhinesh Babu

    Learn about AL, and it applications

  300. Raghavendra Gumma

    Overview of AI and Importance of data in AI

  301. Shiva Kumar Dadisetti

    Black box, AI functions & applications

  302. Ankit Kumar Jain

    Things learnt – 1. Basics of AI and ML, 2. AI uses in Telecom, 3. History of AI

  303. Guriqbal Singh

    1. AI, Machine Learning and deepl learning will play huge role in coming time, need to learns basic aspects even if you are a sales guy. 2. Difference between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are inter related 3. How analysis was done vs present

  304. Ajit Srivastava


  305. Sanat Patel

    Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence

  306. Akshay Deshmukh

    Basic Understanding to real-time application

  307. Benoit Forfert

    AI, Importance of Data, Deep learning

  308. John Davies


  309. Biswajit Padhi

    Artificial Intelligence Use, Learned about ML as well as DL

  310. Revati Abhay Mahajan

    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunication

  311. Amit Pandey

    Good training

  312. Sujeet Kumar

    Deep learning, machine learning AI telecom industry

  313. Mohd Usama

    Machine learning, Deep learning

  314. Abhiruchi Chavan

    Learnt – AI ecosystem, AI algorithms, Application of AI in telecom and other industry

  315. Shekhar Sharad Deshmukh

    Deep learning and importance of data in AI

  316. Penchalaiah Mallambakam

    Machine learning and deep learning

  317. Meenakshi Sachdeva

    AI and its working, type of learning, its use in various industries

  318. Ravi Teja Reddy Ramireddy

    good information, god explanation

  319. Pratiksha Ahirwar

    The online modules made it very easy for me to understand

  320. K Balasubramanyam

    Learnt AI Basics

  321. Ajeet Kumar Dubey

    AI, Machine Learning, Data Inteligence

  322. Akash Ashish Chaudhary

    good learning, enhanced my knowledge

  323. Srikant Pattnaik

    The basic overview of AI & ML is the takeaway from this learning

  324. Savitri Suralkar

    better understanding

  325. Bhushan Zope

    Good Learning Experience

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