CCNA – Routing & Switching

CCNA – Routing & Switching (Corporate Only)

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Course Duration: 40 Hours
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CCNA – Routing & Switching training program is designed to give understanding of the hardware modules of Cisco routers. This course explains the step-by-step process of configuring a Cisco router and implement in the network.

It describes the router User Interface and different commands to configure it. This module prepares participants for CCNA certification.

Product Description

Participants attending CCNA Routing & Switching program should have basic understanding of IP networking & technology.

  • Cisco Router Fundamentals & Network Architecture
  • Cisco Router Series
  • Cisco Router Components
  • Introduction to Cisco IOS
  • Cisco IOS Modes of Operation
  • Router Administrative Functions
  • Router Interface Configuration
  • Configure IP Routing
  • Explain the hardware modules of Cisco Router
  • Understand the working functionality of Routers
  • Operate the Cisco Router Operating System
  • Configure passwords and security on the router while accessing different modes
  • Provide IP address to the ports and Interfaces
  • Configure the router with respective protocols in the network


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