JNCIA JUNOS (Corporate Only)


The candidates attending JNCIA JUNOS program should have basic understanding of IP networking & technology.

  • Juniper Router Series Overview
  • Juniper Router Hardware and Features
  • Junos Networking Software
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Router Interface Configuration
  • Configure IP Routing
  • Explain the components of Juniper Router series
  • Understand the working functionality of Juniper Networking Software
  • Operate Junos to configure various command sets
  • Understand the command modes of Juniper Router
  • Configure the router Interfaces and assigning them IP addresses

  Juniper Router Series Overview

  • Routing Engine
  • Packet forwarding Engine
  • Software Architecture
  • M-Series, T-Series, J-Series

   Juniper Router Hardware and Features 

  • Processor, RAM, Flash Drive, Hard Disk
  • Router Chassis
  • Physical Interface Cards
  • Power Supplies

   Junos Networking Software 

  • Boot Sequence
  • Components
  • Version
  • Upgradation of Software

   Command Line Interface(CLI)

  • Operational mode
  • Configuration Mode

   Router Interface Configuration

  • Interface Types
  • Interface Configuration Syntax
  • Interface configuration Examples
  • Interface commands

   Configure IP Routing 

  • Static Routes
  • Aggregated Routes
  • Generated Routes
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