Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) – (Corporate Only)



The candidate attending the course should have knowledge of Routing Protocols (OSPF/IS-IS and BGP/MP- BGP) & IP Routing.

  • MPLS Architecture
  • Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
  • MPLS Label Switching Routers (LSR)
  • MPLS Applications
  • Traffic Engineering over MPLS
  • Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Scalability
  • MPLS Management
  • Layer2 Transport over MPLS
  • Thoroughly understand the architecture of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Identify the functional capabilities of MPLS that are required to implement an efficient and reliable operational network
  • Explain how network resources can be utilized to enhance traffic performance characteristics
  • Indentify how the MPLS Architecture enables the use of ATM and Frame Relay switches to be used within the network as Label Switching Routers (LSR)
  • Discuss how MPLS encapsulation can be used when transmitting labeled packets within ATM networks
  • Explain how Label Stack Encoding uses specific rules, techniques and procedures to process labeled packets
  • Recognize and address the security aspects that are relevant in the context of MPLS and GMPLS by describing the security threats and related defensive techniques
  • Understand the fundamental concept in MPLS that Label Switching Routers (LSR) must agree on the meaning of the labels used to forward traffic between and through them – achieved by using the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
  • Describe the management architecture for MPLS and indicate the interrelationships between the different MIB modules used for MPLS network management.

 MPLS Architecture

  • MPLS Introduction
  • MPLS Standards
  • Link-Layer Support
  • Label Description
  • Type & Scope of LSP

  Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)

  • LDP Introduction
  • Supported LDP standards
  • LDP Operation & Tunneling
  • LDP message Type
  • LDP Session Protection

  MPLS Label Switching Routers (LSR)

  • LSR
  • Edge LSR

  MPLS Applications

  • Load sharing
  • Fast Reroute
  • Link protection
  • Network optimization

  Traffic Engineering Over MPLS

  • RSVP Overview and Operation
  • RSVP Message Type
  • MTU Signalling
  • Link Protection
  • Fast Reroute

  GMPLS Overview

  • GMPLS Standards
  • GMPLS Operations
  • GMPLS with OSPF

  MPLS Management

  • Protection and restoration
  • Bandwidth and Delay Measurements
  • Fine Tuning MPLS TE
  • Advanced Protection Issues
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