HCIA Unified Communications Practice Test


About this Certification :

Huawei Certified ICT AssociateUnified Communication validates the knowledge and skills required for PBX and GPON.

  • VOIP communication theoretical basis, signaling media protocol(SIP,PRA,SS7,R2,AT0), Voice supplementary services(ONLY, Call forwarding service, etc)
  • IPT solution basis, function features, Program component role, typical networking
  • IP PBX foundation, hardware components, function features(call control etc), user account, trunk route, service features(supplementary services etc)
  • IAD foundation, function features(access function, trunk function, etc), IAD basic configuration
  • EGW foundation, function features(IP PBX features, IAD features, wireless router features, etc), basic configurations of different scenarios(UC mode, ordinary mode)
  • IP Phone foundation, unified upgrade centralized configuration principle, basic configuration(number configuration, sip server, etc)
  • UC1.1 foundation, function features, typical networking
  •  EMS foundation, function features
  •  eSpace Meeting foundation, function features, typical networking configuration

The HCIA-UC exam covers VoIP communication basis, IPT solution architecture foundation, UC solution architecture foundation, IP PBX foundation, IAD foundation, EGW foundation, IP Phone foundation, basic function features of eSpace Meeting and EMS, communication protocols in different components.

The test includes 60 Questions and duration of the test is 90 minutes. You need to score minimum 60% marks to clear the test.

*Pass 4 Sure

  • Take the test and score minimum 60%, good enough to let you clear the actual examination.
  • In case, you are not able to clear the examination, “No questions asked, 100 % fee would be refunded.
  • For claiming refund, you need to send the voucher and test results to suppport@cognitel.com.

Q 1. In the system architecture diagram of UC&C, the integrated access device (IAD) is at the ?

A. Service layer
B. Network control layer
C. Data bearer layer
D. Terminal access layer

Q 2.EGW functions include ?

A. Voice service
B. Routing
C. Conference interface

Q 3.The video codec supported by the eSpace convergent conference system is ( ). ?

A. G.711
B. G.723
C. G.729
D. H.264

Q 4.The MRS board in U1980 has the () ?

A. announcement playing
B. Conference
C. Broadband_Narrowband conversion.
D. Number allocation

Q 5.Which of the following are the E1 Features?

A. The E1 is mainly used in United sates & Japan
B. Each PCM frame has 32 time slots.
C. The bit rate of each PCM frame is 2048 kbit/s
D. The E1 uses A-law codec mode.

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