HCIA Video Conference Practice Test

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Assessment Duration: 1.5 Hours
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About this Certification :

Huawei Certified ICT AssociateVideo Conference certification is valid globally and recognized in more than 140 countries.

Product Description

  • The basic concept of video conferencing
  • The framework agreement of video conferencing
  • The foundation of SD terminal
  • The foundation of HD terminal
  • MCU
  • The foundation of network control system(vSwitch System)
  • RMCC
  •  MC
  •  TP solution

Exam covers basic concepts of video conferencing, basic introduction and configuration of SD terminal, basic introduction and configuration of HD terminal, basic introduction and application of MCU, basic application and configuration of network control system, basic application and configuration of RMCC, introduction of MC, basic introduction of TP solution.

The HCIA Video Conference test includes 60 Questions and duration of the test is 90 minutes. You need to score minimum 60% marks to clear the test.

*Pass 4 Sure

  • Take the test and score minimum 60%, good enough to let you clear the actual examination.
  • In case, you are not able to clear the examination, “No questions asked, 100 % fee would be refunded.
  • For claiming refund, you need to send the voucher and test results to suppport@cognitel.com.

Q 1. What is the role of the IP PBX in the IPT solution ?

A. Core management
B. Access service
C. Terminals
D. Services

Q 2.Which of the following statements are CORRECT ?

A. The AT0 trunk is often used to implement DDI features.
B. The SS7 trunk can be an ISUP trunk or a TUP trunk.
C. The PRA can be configured on the user side or at the network side.
D. The PRA can be configured at either the client side or the server side.

Q 3.Which of the following statements are INCORRECT ?

A. One office route selection code can map several office routes.
B. One office route can map several office route selection codes.
C. One office route must map one office route selection code.
D. One office route selection code must map one office route.

Q 4.The RTP protocol belongs to the ( ) in the OSI protocol. ?

A. Physical layer
B. Data link layer
C. Network layer
D. Application layer

Q 5.The bit rate of the G.729 codec is ?

A. 6.3 kbit/s
B. 5.3 kbit/s
C. 8 kbit/s
D. 64 kbit/s


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