HCNA Storage BSSN Training – Apr

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Course Duration: 40 hour(s)
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Cognitel,a Huawei Authorized Learning Partner (HALP), is launching the Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCNA) Storage Building Structure Storage Network Training (BSSN), through Live Virtual Classroom.


Product Description

  • Individuals aspiring to be storage engineer
  • Individuals aspiring to achieve HCNA-Storage certification
  • Operators and Maintainers
  • Managers
  • Planners and Designers
  • Individual should have basal network knowledge
  • Individual should have computer basal knowledge
  • Individual should have OS basal knowledge

The HCNA-Storage-BSSN covers :

  • storage basics;
  • RAID technology and common use RAID types;
  • FC-SAN and IP-SAN architecture and applications;
  • SCSI, FC, iSCSI protocol basics;
  • NAS architecture and share technology;
  • S2600T/S5000T series products networking, configuration and maintenance
  • basics of Huawei full range storage products,
  • Backup and Recovery,
  • Disaster Recovery and Application,
  • Basics of Cloud Computing,
  • Basics of Data Centers,
  • Big Data Basics,
  • IT O&M.
  • Know storage system and network basal concept, structure and component
  • Know RAID basal concept, data construction way, common RAID principle, feature and different
  • RAID application scenario
  • Know FC-SAN and IP-SAN basal knowledge and key technology
  • Know NAS system basal structure and concept
  • Master multipath technology and host connection basal technology and application
  • Understand Huawei all series storage product feature and main application
  • Master SAN storage array product  function, hardware, interface, network and typical application
  • Master storage array and mapping configuration
  • Master SAN storage product routine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Understand the application scenarios and key technologies of backup and disaster recovery.
  • Understand the background and application scenarios of big data.
  • Understand the status quo and key technologies of cloud computing

Module 1-Storage and Application Environment :

  • IT infrastructure and data center
  • Storage application environment
  • Storage media
  • Host and applications

Module 2- RAID Technology and Application:

  • Traditional RAID
  • RAID 2.0+ technologies

Module 3-Storage Array Technologies and Application :

  • Components of a storage array
  • Huawei storage array technologies
  • Basic settings on Huawei storage array

Module 4- SAN Technology and Application :

  • DAS basics
  • SCSI protocol
  • SAN basics
  • Fibre Channel connection and protocol
  • Application of Huawei SAN storage

Module 5- IP SAN Technology and Application :

  • Development of IP SANs
  • Components and networking of IP SANs
  • iSCSI protocol
  • Convergence of Fibre Channel and TCP/IP
  • Application of Huawei IP SAN storage

Module 6–Management and Basic Configurations of Huawei Storage Devices :

  • Initial configuration of storage devices
  • Basic settings on storage devices
  • Basic settings on hosts
  • Storage O&M

Module7- NAS Technology and Application :

  • Development of the NAS technology
  • Components of a NAS system
  • NAS file sharing protocols, CIFS and NFS
  • I/Os and performance of a NAS system
  • Comparison between SAN and NAS
  • NAS implementation and application by Huawei

Module 8- Big Data Basics :

  • Basic concepts of big data
  • Object storage technologies
  • Technologies of big data
  • Huawei big data practice

Module 9- Backup and Recovery :

  • Backup concept and topologies
  • Backup technologies
  • Backup policies
  • Huawei backup solutions and application
  • Introduction to Disaster Recovery

Module 10- Basics of Cloud Computing :

  • Concept and background of cloud computing
  • Models of cloud computing
  • Core technologies and value of cloud computing
  • Huawei cloud computing solutions


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