Python Programming using Simulated Lab


Python Programming using Simulated Lab

The following modules are accessible when you purchase the Python Programming Online course:

  • Basic Python Programming
  • Python Network Programming
  • Object-Oriented Python Programming
  • Python System Programming


Each of the modules has been carefully developed by an expert, to enhance the learning experience and skills of the students from Basic to Advanced learning of Python. Each online modules is assisted with “simulated guided practice sessions“, so that you learn and practice, on the go.

The Basic Python online course is intended to introduce the language and its syntax to the participants. The course shall make participants understand the power and various features of the Python language. This customized Python content shall make learners familiar with using the Software Development Kit (SDK).
At the end of the Basic module, participants will have a good handle on the Python language features and will be able to write reasonable size Python programs. The course includes learning with the help of simulated labs, for better and faster understanding.

The Advanced modules – Network, Object-oriented and System Python programming, helps a student to deep-dive into Python concepts and use the same for various configuration, interactions, etc.

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  • Understand the power and various features of the Python language
  • Shall be familiar with Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Participants shall be able to write Python programs

Anyone interested to learn Python and built a career with Python programming.

  • Introduction to Python
  • Downloading & Installing Python & IDLE IDE
  • Interactive Prompt & a basic program
  • Basic Data Types
  • Python Statements
  • Flow Control
  • Functions
  • Input / Output
  • File Handling
  • Modules
  • Classes
  • Error Handling

This course can be delivered in live virtual classroom mode, where,  you do not have to travel miles to take up this courses as we bring learning at your fingertips

Cognitel’s easy-to-use interactive online platform provides access to students and professionals to engage in courses, delivered by our experienced subject matter expert, from comforts of their home, office or on mobile devices.

In Live Virtual Classroom training, there is provision of :

    1. One to One Training (Personalized) :

  • The start date can be scheduled depending on the participant’s convenience.
  • Please feel free to reach, to schedule your class.
  • 10 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)

    2. Group Training  :

  • Contact Support Team at for upcoming batch dates.
  • Minimum batch size: 5 (to initiate a batch)
  • 10 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)


Special Group Discounts applicable. Please mail at for clarification.

See Additional information.

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