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Program Introduction:

RF Optimization is a process of testing and tunning a radio network that was planned for a set of requirements during RF planning stage. This is achieved thorugh a process that is known as Drive test, in which an engineer collect the paramater data using a drive test kit. Drive test kit comprises of a Laptop or TAB with software and ports to connect multiple handsets/ dongles to capture user experience through defined RF parameters. These parameters are then analysed through reports by engineers to find if the parameters were within range or not, basis which network tunning is carried out to improve the network performance.

This course details about analysing the drive test conducted in a typical mobile telecom network. Post processing is carried out to create the reports of various parameters that are key performance indicators of networks performance. Students are provided step by step process to understand and apply the concepts to create and analsye the drive test logs and hence enable them to conduct the activity independently.

Lab Name : LTE Post Processing Lab

In this lab, you will be analyzing various aspects related to analyzing the drive test log files of LTE network. Also the impact of various parameter plots on LTE capacity, such as signal power, interference, UE transmit power etc.

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    The software crashes when some actions like console are run,but the guidelines are great!

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