Program Management Essentials (Corporate Only)

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Course Duration: 24 Hours
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This workshop on the Essentials for Program Management is to focus upon how to drive the strategy of the organization through programs and the interrelated component projects within a given program.Through an integrated case study, this workshop provides practical approaches to effective program delivery by focusing on the best practices described in the standard.

At the end of the three day workshop the participants will be equipped on the skill sets of program assessment, planning, tracking, monitoring and reporting approaches & techniques in Integrated Program Delivery.

Product Description

The course is applicable to practitioners of Program Management including Senior Project Managers/Leads, Functional Heads, Head of Business Units, Business Analysts and others who handle multiple projects ensuring success of company’s strategic objective.

The PgMP® Application needs an individual to have at least 6000 hours of project management experience and 6000 hours of program management experience. By the time an individual obtains such experience he would have above 8 years of industry experience.

  • Introduction
  • What is Program and Program Management
  • Relationship among Portfolio, Program and Project Management
  • Program Management Office and role of Program Manager
  • Program Lifecycle and characteristics
  • Program Lifecycle and benefit management
  • Program Lifecycle and program governance
  • Establish Program mandate, charter and financial infrastructure
  • Develop program plan and architecture
  • Develop program governance structure
  • Program WBS, Schedule, Budget and Financial Plan
  • Strategize, Plan and Control Program Risks
  • Engage stakeholders, approve component intiation
  • Provide governance oversight
  • Manage program benefits
  • Application of Program Management processes through integrated Program Management Information System (PMIS)
  • Gain knowledge and skills to be able to independently plan, strategize and manage programs of the company
  • Apply the concepts and framework of Program Management to your daily work activities, thus supporting in attaining company’s strategic objectives
  • Use the techniques and templates provided in the class


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