3 PMP Simulation Test Package

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Assessment Duration: 4 Hours
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Cognitel, a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P ID 3864) with PMI helps individual gain access to the project management learning framework as recognized by PMI (USA).

Cognitel not only imparts project management knowledge but also prepares the individuals for PMP Certification Exam based on Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition. For individual practice, Cognitel has developed a simulation test in line with the PMP Exam tool, so that participants can get the real feel of the tool handling and complexity of the questions.

The four hour PMP® Certification Exam comprises of 200 multiple choice questions, randomly picked from five process groups as per PMI framework (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing). As per PMI, 25 questions do not add to your score.

Product Description

  • 3 tests of 200 questions each covering all five process groups
  • Multipe Choice Questions
  • Test review and feedback
  • 2 months test access
  • Test prepared by PMP® Certified Professionals

Q 1. Your Customer wants your project, to be completed 5 months earlier than planned. You believe that you can meet the target by overlapping the project activities. The approach you plan to use is known as:

A.   Crashing
B.   Resource Levelling
C.   Resourcer
D.   Fast Tracking

Q 2. You are assigned as the Project Manager of a new design Project, where in the customer asks for a change that would increase the Project Risk. What would you do in such a scenario?

A.  Ask guidance from a Senior Project Manager having worked on a similar Project
B.   Analyse the Impact of the change with the Project team
C.   Go ahead and accept the change
D.   Discuss the impact of the change with the customer

Q 3. You have been asked to assist the contract manager in drafting the contract of a large project with limited scope clarity. What type of contract would you suggest so that your organization does not make any financial losses?

A.   Time and Material
B.   Firm Fixed Fee
C.   Cost Plus Fixed Fee
D.   Cost Plus Percentage of Costs

Q 4.One of your subcontractors sends a costly New Year gift to you. What should you do?

A.   Accept the Gift as it’s a new year gift
B.   Establish whether accepting such gift is against your company’s policy
C.   Inform your manager and accept the gift
D.   Reject the Gift

Q 5.You are the project manager of a large project. Your project sponsor and management want portions of the project to be outsourced and you have been given the responsibility to outsource. The project sponsor and management have approved you to outsource portions of the project. Who must ensure that all of the project work is authorized, contracted properly, and funded?

A.   Project Sponsor
B.   Management
C.   Vendor
D.   Project Manager


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