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Complete PMP Certification Exam Preparatory training, from your HOME

Project Management Certification course introduces the Project Manager skills in managing a Project using generally accepted best practices as described in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge,(PMBOK® Guide), Project Management Institute (PMI)®, Inc. The course also prepares the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification aspirant, for the PMP ® Exam. It provides the 35 contact hours/PDUs needed for submission of application. The concepts mentioned in the guide are explained and backed up with relevant examples. All the ten knowledge areas, five process groups (which have forty-nine processes), people & business environment and Agile Framework are taken through in a logical sequence with applications.

With Cognitel’s live-virtual training, you receive the following in addition to 35-hour session delivered by PMI Approved PMP Certified Instructor.

  • FREE access to 8 practice/mock exams (including 2021-22 new questions)
  • Support in filling PMP Application form
  • Access to post-training doubt clearing forums
  • Tips and tricks to successfully clear PMP Exam 

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35-HOUR LIVE ONLINE Training dates: November 19, 20, Dec 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18 and 24 (2022)

Training Timings (as per different time zones):

  • 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM (IST – Indian Standard Time)
  • 05:30 PM to 09:30 PM (UAE Time)
  • 04:30 PM to 08:30 PM (Ethiopia Time, East Africa Time)
  • 01:30 PM to 04:30 PM (GMT)
  • 07:30 AM to 11:30 AM (Central Standard Time)

35 hours will be be completed in 9 sessions (9 weekends)

Start date – Nov 19th  / End date – Dec 24th, 2022

Timings have been specially crafted for professionals living in India, Middle-east, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, etc.

For registering in the instructor-led online training starting on Nov 19th, 2022; please select the course type Live Virtual Classroom and process the payment.

Upon completion of the PMP® Exam Preparatory online course, participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the Project Management Certification principles described in the PMBOK® Guide, in projects of various sizes and take informed and balanced decisions
  • Understand and implement Project Management framework in respective projects
  • Submit the application for PMP® Exam
  • Undertake PMP® Exam
The course is applicable to practitioners of Project Management including Project Manager, Engineer, Lead, Executive, Business Analyst, member of PMO team and others.To be eligible for PMP credential, you must meet the following educational and professional experience requirements. All project management experience must have accrued within last eight consecutive years prior to submission of Project Management Certification Application
Educational Background Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or global equivalent)Project Management Experience Minimum five years / 60 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experienceProject Management Education 35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder
Four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or global equivalent)Minimum three years / 36 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder
Bachelor’s or post-graduate degree from a GAC accredited program (bachelor’s degree or master’s or global equivalent)Minimum two years/24 months unique non-overlapping professional project management experience35 contact hours of formal education unless you are an active CAPM holder

The PMP® Exam is a Center Based Testing (CBT) / Online Testing (OPT) of 230 minutes, 180 multiple choice question paper with 5 pretest questions which are not counted in scores.

How to Schedule Your Examination

About the Online Proctored Test
Online proctored test delivery allows you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by a proctor via webcam and microphone. To learn more about online proctoring, please visit

Before you select and pay for an online proctored exam delivery:
Please review the minimum system requirements and run a system test and exam simulation before selecting and paying for the exam. If you purchase an online proctored test and your computer equipment does not meet the requirements, you are unlikely to receive a refund. If your computer does
not meet these requirements, please select to take the exam at a test center during the payment

Scheduling Instructions with Pearson VUE for Center-Based Test (CBT) and Online Proctoring (OPT)
Schedule your appointment online at Upon logging into your account, click the “Schedule Exam” link under “You may now schedule your PMP examination”. You will be directed to schedule your exam through Pearson VUE.

For complete details, please visit or refer the PMP Handbook 

Upon completion of the examination, you will receive a printed copy of your preliminary test results. In addition to the overall pass/fail status, important diagnostic information on your performance is provided for each domain. This information provides specific guidance for both passing and failing candidates. Please note that any score provided at the conclusion of a candidate’s testing session is considered
preliminary until the candidate receives notice from PMI that the result is official.
Candidates who take a center-based examination receive the exam report at the test center the day they sit for the examination. You can also access your exam report on the online certification system no later than 10 business days after your examination date. You will receive an email notifying you when your exam report is available online.

Establishing the Passing Score
The passing score for all PMI exams is determined by sound psychometric analysis. PMI uses subject matter experts – project professionals from around the world and many different disciplines – to determine how many questions you must answer correctly to pass the exam. Each scored question on the exam is worth one point, and your final score is calculated by totalling the points you have earned on
the exam. The number of questions you answer correctly places you within one of the performance rating
categories you see on this report.

Domain 1: People (42%)
Task 1Manage conflict
Task 2Lead a team
Task 3Support team performance
Task 4Empower team members and stakeholders
Task 5Ensure team members/stakeholders are adequately trained
Task 6Build a team
Task 7Address and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers for the team
Task 8Negotiate project agreements
Task 9Collaborate with stakeholders
Task 10Build shared understanding
Task 11Engage and support virtual teams
Task 12Define team ground rules
Task 13Mentor relevant stakeholders
Task 14Promote team performance through the application of emotional intelligence
Domain 2: Process (50%)
Task 1Execute project with the urgency required to deliver business value
Task 2Manage communications
Task 3Assess and manage risks
Task 4Engage stakeholders
Task 5Plan and manage budget and resources
Task 6Plan and manage schedule
Task 7Plan and manage quality of products/deliverables
Task 8Plan and manage scope
Task 9Integrate project planning activities
Task 10Manage project changes
Task 11Plan and manage procurement
Task 12Manage project artifacts
Task 13Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices
Task 14Establish project governance structure
Task 15Manage project issues
Task 16Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity
Task 17Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions
Domain 3: Business Environment (8%)
Task 1Plan and manage project compliance
Task 2Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
Task 3Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope
Task 4Support organizational change

If you purchase Live Virtual Classroom training from Cognitel, you get access to the following:

  1. 35 hours instructor-led online classes in line with 2021-22 new exam
  2. 8 online PMP mock exams (which includes 2021 new pattern question set)
  3. Online self-learning modules, for refreshing concepts
  4. Support in filling and reviewing the PMP Application form
  5. 35 Contact-Hours certificate (soft copy), post completion of training

If you purchase E-learning  from Cognitel, you get access to the following:

  1. 3 online PMP mock exams. 
  2. 12 Online self-learning modules
  3. You will need to complete all 12 modules and 3 mock exams, to generate the 35 contact-hour certificate (soft copy)
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848 reviews for PMP® Certification Exam Preparatory Course

  1. Ashish Shukla

    ‘Good product at better price.
    Learning at own pace.
    Classes can be revisited virtually as many times as one wants.

  2. Mitchell

    The organizational approach of stepping through the processes sequentially as they would be seen in developing a project, instead of other classes that go by functional area

  3. Williere Benjamin

  4. Mohammed A Fatehi

  5. Nigel Lettin

    Good pace. Good use of examples to clarify techniques.

  6. Brandie Vega

    Seemed to know the test material well.

  7. Suman Sasidharan

    ‘The focus on PMBok and the exam
    the punctuality and sincerity of the trainer
    the active participation of the other attendees;
    the interface -for its technical supremacy – was simply great

  8. Gary Hammond

  9. Mark C. Martinez

  10. Viswanatha Nakkinti

    Teaching is good , trainar is explaning with good examples

  11. Lim Wei Yap

  12. reddy chakri

    The sessions conducted in timely manner

  13. Happy Minocha

    ‘–Timing of the class
    –Tips given in the class’

  14. Amgad Gorgi

  15. Anilija Satyanarayana

    ‘Live interaction with the teacher
    Concepts taught
    Course content
    The method of teaching

  16. Kamlesh Kumar Jain

  17. Vamsi Krishna Yadiki

    Trainer is user friendly , provided the importance of each and every subject

  18. Vivek jaiswal

    Session was very interactive.

  19. Raymond Rodriguez

    Sanjay was very patient with a very diverse group. I also liked the exercise and how many of the lessons were related to real world scenarios.

  20. Ginesh Kumar

  21. Sawsan Fahmy Ameen

    examples provided by trainer

  22. Vikram Nagarajan

    ‘1. Interactive nature of the course.
    2. Convenience of attending the online classroom from home with no hassles of travel’

  23. Emmanuel Lawal

    The pace and clarity of the trainer in explanation. It was truly exceptional

  24. Kshitij Kacker

    The mature way in which the sessions were handled.


    ‘well structured course content.
    Recap every day.
    Good practical examples.’

  26. Ivaylo Vasilev

    Very good value for the money.


  28. Devanjan Ghosh

    Study Materials & Time Given to complete


  30. Venugopal Maddineni




  33. Gopi Krishna

    Well organised and delivered

  34. Afaq Moin

  35. Dragos Mihailescu

  36. Pankaj Bahl

    ‘Sanjay was extremely open and i liked how he always said that ‘there is no hurry and feel free to ask your questions’.

    I think the content approach was very good – even though it goes against the PMI’s content flow.’

  37. Gabriel Toriz Mejia

    I really liked that the course goes deep in the Project Managament discipline. It’s a hard course but taking the 15 minutes break helps us rest for a bit. It’s based in the latest information of PMBoK 5th and the trainer is always willing to answer our questions.

  38. Girish Binani

    ‘Course content is good.
    Value for money’

  39. Praveen Kumar Ande


  41. Pradeep Shadaksharaiah

    Overall Training was satisfactory.

  42. Jason Yap Chun Leong

  43. Gangaprasadreddy Ramireddy

  44. Kimberly Sayles

    Content was good.



    ‘The way the course was structured and trainer skills in dissemination of knowledge.
    His punctuality and politeness during the training was too good.
    The way he attended to individual’s questions with simplicity in a cleared and understanding manner.’

  47. Hazem Barie Alkiek

  48. Nehal Rushdy Nassar

  49. Chimmapudi S Narasimha Sarma

    Punctuality, Pace of explaining the concepts, Knowledge over the domain

  50. Suma Ray

  51. Ashish Jaiswal

    I like the training style delivered by Cognitel and Tushar. Clarity of concepts at individual level, without fear of asking question in live classroom scenario. Overall the session is much appreciated. Thanks !!

  52. Sajid Jambagi

    effective communication, presentation, individual attentiveness etc but over all he touched me not only as a professional but make me feel learning in known & experienced hands.

  53. Azeem Ahmed

    The trainer is well experienced and has in depth knowledge of the subject and provided many examples and was prompt in answering the doubts of the students. That gave us the opportunity to learn more,

  54. Ravi Akkineni

    ‘The teaching was perfect.
    Taught with patience and good examples.

  55. Chandramouli Sripada Srinivasa Srinarendra

  56. Sandeep Jathan

  57. Varsha Shetty

  58. Vishal J. Bhawar


    Apart from the classes being well organized and having got a great trainer, I also lisked the class timing. It was great overall.

  60. Yogesh Kumar Thawrani

    Trainer approach and patience, format of training is very good.

  61. Alok Kumar Mishra

    the presentations style and the course materiel.

  62. Jeevan Godbole

  63. Alexander S Ramsay III

    Great to do online

  64. Roozbeh Ahmadijazi

    The trainer had good knowledge of the subject but it was good for indianans. It was so hard for me to understand what he was saying sometimes.

  65. Danielle A. Harris

  66. prashant chandorkar

  67. Elizabeth A Bolaji-Ikuomola

    Excellent knowledge and able to give examples when asked

  68. Anne McCurdy

    Ashtoush was a really great instructor, and he took time to answer questions and address concerns.


    Not boring, few slides more information.



  71. Saurabh S Pandit

  72. Roy Antony

  73. Patrick Gaspar dos Santos

    The interactivity with the trainer, the pace of the lectures, the overall presentation

  74. smrutisikha mahapatro

  75. John Vincent

  76. G Dayashanker

    Course Duration and Practice Exams


    presentation skills are good with simple examples. Qizes are good.

  78. Teymur Suleymanov

    Great course, delivered at excellent pace. Excellent lector, very knowledgeable.

  79. Ravi Prasad Pedapati

    The interactive ways of training used by the trainer have engaged me well in understanding the concepts.


  81. Gregory Bryan

    I really like the interactive aspect, the conversations we had to discuss topics were not hindered by the virtual setting. I am very satisfied with choosing this class and would do it again without hesitation.

  82. Prem Swaroop Sadineedi

    The approach , the patience, the attitude of the trainer.Also the process for registering for the course. The ease in accessing the classes in ipad. The software used for the on-line classes , of course with a little bit of hitches which are negligeble.

  83. haryati binti anuar

  84. Amy Thong

  85. Anshuman Sinha


  87. Satyajit Mahapatro

    ‘Course was explained lucidly
    Trainer was willing to explain everything , every doubt

  88. Wong Sin Fatt

    ‘-Interactive class where trainer asked questions to test level of understand.
    -Quiz and discussion to further strengthen the knowledge’

  89. Sim Shijie

  90. Rajesh Goel

  91. sarah thomas

    very detailed and very clear. he is very through with the material

  92. Nirmalya Ghosh

    Good pace…fairly good environment

  93. Fareed Khan

    Very Interactive

  94. Cherifa Belabbas

    Interactivity of the sessions.

  95. Liew Shung Ken

    ‘this is first time i attending the online class, and i feel like the cognitel and WZIQ providing the virtual class really enable to better prepare the exam and gain knowledge to enrich my experience

    plus, it also allow me to download recording for future review’

  96. Apurva Varshney


    Systematic approach. Established good connects between Cognitel and Participants as far as course communications /notifications are concerned

  98. Roddry Dickerson

    I appreciate the classes being able to view viewed after the active lecture.

  99. Nicole Betea

  100. Magesh Gurunathan


    Question Answer sessions

  102. Teresa Ann Washington

    Content was well organized and presenteed


    Overall liked sound quality, punctuality and reminders. Option to download recording was impressive.

  104. Vamsi Krishna Venkannagari

    Ravi – Excellent Trainer, Most liked the way you simplified the course training sessions.

  105. Jose A Martinez

    The trainer answered all of the groups questions and gave examplesf

  106. Lim Chee Wai

    Able to do the course by online and the course fee is affordable

  107. Mostafa Elkhatib

    Class Room, Teacher

  108. Naresh Korvipati

    the sessions were very interactive while discussing examples and questions at the end of every Knowledge process.

  109. Tanvir Moyin

  110. Vasanth Kumar Velamala

    ‘Lot of information to download and can download and refer anytime.
    It’s very convenient and can Download the Class to revise anytime.

    Thank you.’

  111. Chetan Shah

    Teacher was very good

  112. Anthony Ruso

  113. Clark R Anderson

  114. Jenn Watkins

    cost, trainer, scheduling of course did not interfere with professional

  115. Ella Asha Fuchu

  116. Himabindu Peyeeti

    Examples, Quizs, course recordings etc

  117. George W. French

    The examples provided were excellent. The instructor’s willingness to review the subject matter when questions were asked also provided to an excellent session.


  119. Thanigaimani Sambasivam

  120. Anand Mayekar

    ‘- Content explanation and examples shared.
    – Precise timining on each activity and chapter.
    – Query solving techiniques.’

  121. Sushama Kuttysankaran

    ‘Covered all major information. I liked the way things were presented with more practical example. Was able to map real work done to the PMP terms.

  122. Danny Shaw

  123. Prakash

    Content library

  124. Dilipkumar Kotapothula

  125. Susan Wanjiru Wanja

    ‘Breaks 🙂

    Clarity and patience of trainer’

  126. Pritpal Khanuja

    Sanjay is an excellent trainer. He is very patient and attempt to all the questions with all respect, even to silly questions. Training material completes each and everything related to PMP



  128. Preethi Seeta

    Trainer is well prepared

  129. parthiban Mahalingam

    very useful and excellent for PM

  130. Jijil Iyyamparamba

  131. Sunil Raveendran

    ‘Very well organized and informative class. Instructor was wonderful -very knowledgeable. I am absolutely happy and satisfied that I have chosen this class. Thank you to Cognitel and Sanjay (trainer)



    ‘First of All a very nice to the point accurate covering all the aspects of the PMBok 5th edition.
    More numericals during the classes.
    Provided formula charts
    Opportunity to explain, boost your confidence


    Trainer’s PACE delivery is excellent

  134. Muhammad Asif Ali Khan

    ‘very good Instructor. Surely recommend him and Cognitel


  135. John M. Arnold, Jr.

  136. John Chellam

  137. Paulrick Garraway

  138. Nilesh Raut

  139. John Paul Espina

  140. Okibe-Udeh Ori

    I liked the use of examples to practical life experiences in the course of the study

  141. Jason Hawkins

    I thought this was a great way to learn. It was on my schedule and effective.

  142. Qaisar Nadeem

  143. Manish Pandey

  144. Nitin Madan

    Trainer’s (Tushar) speed was excellent. He handled questions very well.

  145. Rohit Madaan

    Keeping things short and simple

  146. Mahesh Kinikar


  148. Ayush Deep

    Elaborate and relevant course content

  149. Sauna Maragh

    I liked the short quizes, the automated reading and the graphics.

  150. Vilgaile Striuzaite

    Very interactive classes, good examples, attending all questions, making sure that everyone has cleared doubts, emphasizing important things


    Trainer is knowledgeable and gave good examples with real world scenarios and was prompt in clarifying doubts

  152. Jibran Muhammad

    I very much appreciated how the material was taught and explained.. Tushar did a great job in teaching.

  153. Monique Maxmillion

    Great course for the price, very helpful.

  154. Dmytro Malyk


  156. Jatuporn Pinnuvat

    Interactive class, learning materials and trainer knowledge

  157. Chandhrramohan Rajan

    Ashutosh is an extremely good presenter with industry knowledge and the way he presented with examples in all the classes, are much appreciated.

  158. Repul Kher

    Ashutosh has definitely gone a long way to make this interesting and interactive. Cognitel support was always at hand to try and resolve technical issues.


    Our Trainer, Ashutosh taught us well. He used relevant examples to explain key concepts. He also gave us tips for the exam. Tests in the site although of shorter duration are helpful. Thank you for sharing study materials also.

  160. Wassim Bejjani

    ‘Ashutosh was a stellar trainer. He is very knowledgeable, engaged, professional, and passionate about his job and the subject matter. There is never a dull moment, and the illustrations and examples the brings to the class are invaluable.

    The material for the class is very clear and helps break down PMBOK contents into manageable entities. The slides are very well thought through and right on target in terms of content.

  161. Deepak Rathor


  162. Rupesh Reddy Avula

  163. Rajyalakshmi K

    Trainer is good.

  164. Chibueze Obi

    His ability to explain topics clearly

  165. Sakthivel Palaniappan

    Good overview

  166. Jagdish kabarwal

    Ashutosh had a very good grasp of the subject and his approach for teaching as commendable.

  167. Timothy Boots

    Audio and technical problems a real problem

  168. Manimaran Balasubramanian

    the classes and the explanation of the trainer

  169. Sriram Sabarinathan Pandiarajan

    ‘About Trainer
    Good PMP Trainer
    Very interactive Trainer
    Clarifying doubts instantly
    Good Teacher.

    Cognitel and Cognitel
    Good communication through email.(reminder, info etc)

    Please keep it up the good work for future attendees

  170. Mayank Lal

  171. Vivek Joglekar

  172. Venkataraghavan Subramanian

    The course really went well…. Ashutosh really did a great job !!

  173. Patrik Uveges


  175. Anoopkumar Balakrishnan

    The course is really helpful towards PMP certification. The presentations were good and Ravi has good knowledge on the subject.


    Trainer has been very helpful to attend to all question from trainee.


    The courseware is really good.Excellent experience about online training through Cognitel.

  178. Saurabh Kumar

    ‘- flexibility.
    – Time schedule and duration.’


  180. Naveenkanth Kottala

    Well paced course

  181. Rahul Bansal

    Content and way of presentation


    Class Presentation

  183. Sriram Ramachandran Sheshaadri

    Course Materials, Examples/ Illustrations

  184. Timothy Charles Smith

  185. Ravichandra Kothapalli

  186. gerad brasch


    I like the trainer explaning each and every process. Its a good input for me to start preparation.

  188. Jack T. Apple

    course content matched the knowledge content effectively


    The course was thorough and extensive.

  190. Khalid Qureshi

    Mock-up exams.

  191. Yeap Wee Liang

    real time interaction

  192. Thavaakumar Uthayapaskaran

    The entire course was good.

  193. Jaydeep Tase

    ‘Trainer gave a recap of earlier sessions
    Attention from the trainer on all the questions asked in the chat
    Quality of slides/content’


  195. Vinod Punnamaraju

    Trainers response and interaction with the personals.


    Good & detailed information

  197. Paul Jakkula

    Trainer answering questions asked, examples he used, his subject knowledge

  198. Ruchika Hinduja


    Overall, the course is very useful. The course content is in alignment with the PMBOK content. The trainer has great expertise in the subject matter. It was a great learning experience.

  200. Anitha P. S

    Well managed sessions , appropriate pace , good examples

  201. Rohan Sudhir Oak

  202. Chandrasekhar Karanam

    Well priced and neatly organized content, training delivery and overall management.

  203. ruchika hinduja

    The trainer’s level of expertise and his level of interaction with the students.

  204. Naga JayaKiran Nagumothu

    Very Knowledgeable trainer and good, simple examples used during training

  205. Lakshmi Thotakura


    The Trainer’s style of delivery and relationship with the class. Also the recorded class session to help for private studies. Everything about the whole session. Thanks

  207. Alok Sharma



    PPT & Other Shared Documents are of great use

  209. Gabriel C. Keller

    The content and trainer were excellent.

  210. Maria Lorremar A. Sun

    Trainer is knowledgeable

  211. Thilak A

  212. Saumya karan


    Examples are very good when the point was enplanes.

  214. Paris Sethi

    ‘organized and communicated well. great price and value.
    thank you’

  215. ashu bareja


  216. KiranKumar RamiReddy

    Tushar’s outstanding PMP coaching skills

  217. Venkata Ramana Gangisetty

    The teaching of Mr. RaviChandran and his way of expressing and clarifying doubts.



    The course materials presented by Mr. Ashutosh was excellent and it gave me lot of conceptual inputs and clarified lot of doubts. I liked the the way Mr. Ashutosh presented during all the classes right from beginning till end. He also explained us lots of interesting examples on process groups and 10 knowledge areas.

  220. Prashant Shinde


    Ability of the trainer to give examples now and then.

  222. Arijit Chaudhury

    Excellent course.

  223. Amy Ho

    The trainer answered most questions that students had. The subject matters were well explained and slides were easy to follow. The mini quizzes were very helpful along with the actual course material.

  224. Venkata Pavan Turlapati

    Online course, ontime completion of course, recordings available for reference.

  225. Little Navamy Sathish

    Excellent class and material. Tushar is outstanding.

  226. Parvez S. Jafri

    Slide on knowledge area and process group. Also, information about PMBOK 4th Edition to 5th Edition.

  227. Jatinder Singh

    The course work is very detailed. The tutor is knowledgeable.

  228. Chris Boan

    The immediate feedback was better than expected.

  229. Durgesh B Kalya

    Trainer had a lot of patience
    Trainer shared a lot of Tips and Tricks
    Sanjay is a wonderful professor.

  230. Ronald L. Wersal

    Course content, and the example tests

  231. Milind Mukte

  232. Mangesh Budkule

    Training was very well organized. Tushar did fantastic job. I would like to attend more training from Cognitel. Good interaction and tools.

  233. Manish Sharma

    Nice Interactive Software.Trainer had a sound knowledge and has excellent mentoring skills.

  234. David Eyewumi Eda

    The recorded classes were very good for classed review.


    A good Trainer trained us on a good course content

  236. Ganesh Mohan

  237. Tulika Biswas

    Trainer was very good and patient.

  238. Abdulsamad Farook

  239. HamidReza Gilani

    ‘all the things related to the presenter was ok.

  240. Jean-Francois Burguet

    ‘The flexibility of the online learning method
    The international background of the participants
    The possibility to interact and download the course material and class for later viewing’





    Tushar is an excellent instructor.

  244. Ramalakshmi Boda

    Trainer (Sanjay) is extremely brilliant. Gave excellent real-life examples to most of the topics to understand concepts easily. Efficiently managed timings for each class. Ensured all the doubts were answered appropriately and timely. Exhibited lot of patience to answer doubts raised by all the participants. Tips and tricks provided by the trainer are really useful for the exam. He went consistently above and beyond to help all the participants. Exam content is simple and easy to start with. Tests at the end of each session helped us evaluate our understanding.

  245. Abhijit Deshmukh



  247. Susuana Koffie

    ‘He was always on time
    He addressed all questions
    He was very patient and helpful’



  250. Mukesh Singh


  251. Karthikeyan Surendrababu

    Nice concise course material and good knowledge of the trainer and the way he let the class.

  252. B. Konda Babu

    Structure of the course, Infrastructure

  253. vivek sharma

    Very good command and able to answer each and every question

  254. Olga Simon

  255. Jayaram Bhogi

    The training exceeded my expectations. It was really good, ease to use and the class recordings are helpful in reviewing the sessions.

  256. Vivek Gusain

  257. Tony Quon


  258. Leah Pittam

  259. Amit Chaudhary

  260. Ravi Sarkar

    ‘1. Key concepts are explained very well with ample time.
    2. Examples provided for the concepts helped explain them better.
    3. The method of asking questions from the participants and letting the ideas evolve within the group is excellent. Both Ashutosh and Sanjay have mastered this teaching technique.
    4. The quizzing is a good way of memorizing.’

  261. Ruchi Goyal

  262. Anjali


  263. Verna Brooks

    Everything was great!


    ‘1) I liked the application you are using for the online class
    2) I liked that the Trainer is very experienced and helps in relating our current experience. Also shares his experience

  265. Shraddha Gopeshwar Gautam

  266. Ramakrishnan Sankara

    The participants would have a clear understanding of the content of the PMBOK guide.

  267. Debartha Nag

    ‘Excellent learning experience

  268. Eddy Low Seng Kiat

  269. Viswanath Chilakapati

    The way in which it was delivered. Excellent teacher; and excellent subject matter expert. Well Done


    Good examples. Good contents. Focused on the PMP test.



    a lot of examples and quizzes given during the course

  273. Nalini Dasana

  274. Biji Thomas

    i didnt get much from the class. I think the teacher did his best to present the content. however, i would like to watch another teachers on recording to understand better.

  275. Morteza Litkoohi

  276. sumit arigapudi

  277. Aman Sheel

    Trainer’s way of teaching

  278. Prasad Shridhar Bhandary

    I liked the approach of Tutor ( Ashutosh ) to take students through the practical scenarios for better understanding and also the energy level was amazing.

  279. Menaga Munisamy

  280. Karthikeyan Ramachandran

    ‘This course is very useful for preparing PMP certification. Before I joined this course, I went through some other guides and books. All the guides are starting with knowledge areas (even PIMBOK). But this course taking us through each and every process. This is very helpful to us, because the questions asking in PMP exam are based on the process groups and we had a lot of Quiz programs and knowledge sharing session.

  281. Nitin R Shinde

    Interactive course.

  282. kameswar nayak

    ‘Really this training is awesome , specially what ever example was given by instructor , and way of communicating ,

    thanks a lot

    Kameswar nayak’

  283. Shafir Salam K A

  284. Mudunuri Ramakrishnam Raju


  285. YAP KIN YU

    ‘The trainer is really done a great job in providing us the good explanation and detailed information for Project Management related.
    I have gained a lot from this course as the materials are good enough especially in the summary format with the important contents.’

  286. Kesavakumar S J

    ‘1. Professionalism
    2. Instructor was detail oriented
    3. Materials supplied

  287. NandhaKumar Chinnusamy

    Everything is Good. Keep up the Work!!!

  288. Terri Yeh

  289. José Alejandro Villa Cerda

    Test after class style

  290. Dhanasekar Elumalai

    Contents delivered with pace and the coverage as per the process group. Examples narrated and taken time to explain in case of difficulties.

  291. Paulin Jayeshkumar Dave

    Ashutosh was very friendly and has helped all to understand the subject with care. I have got more thoughts clear for PMP.


    ‘Punctual class and time
    Clear English language’

  293. Raghuvir Mhadeshwar

    ‘downloading of content
    online/virtual exams’


    The overall arrangement of the training including management and instructor. The training website looks great as well.

  295. Alaa Youssef

  296. Suresh Kumar Elancheran

  297. Srikanth Pulluri



    setup and content


    Schedule and Method of approach

  301. Anusmitha james

  302. Ravish Bahl

    Course is cheap and well organized.

  303. Monjit Borah

    Clarity of the concepts. The trainer was ready to provide necessary examples and paid attention to all participants.

  304. Sanjay Kumar Dubey

    Delivery mechanism

  305. Jasmeet Kaur

    Snap shot of all processes and well explained summary. Course material and quiz questions

  306. Nina Modha

    ‘Trainer was very knowledgeable, professional and patient with us.

  307. Gouri Sankar Chandrakumar

    The course is well structured

  308. Zafar Khan

    the candidate should be able to able to retake sample quiz/ exams as many times as he wants

  309. Sanjay Pasricha

    Course Content, Trainers Knowledge, Methodology and Willingness to work with the students

  310. Prateek Sitholay

    ‘Complete brush up of concepts.
    Value for money.’


    Trainer’s explanation and presentation

  312. Danko Roter

    Taking care to answer all the questions which were placed during course.

  313. Dilbagh Guha


    The course really help full in preparing for the exam

  315. Ayona Biswas

    Presentation and coverage of content.Detailed explanation from the instructor.

  316. Andres Schubert

    Study-Material is good, Trainer was good too

  317. Manish Baluni


    Clear concepts, good understanding pf proejct management concepts

  319. Jyothi Resupudi

  320. Aparna Bony Kurien

    Live examples. Explanation was to easy to understand.

  321. Ashutosh Mudgil

  322. Bandi Venu

    Affordable and meeting my expectations.

  323. Jacob Thangaswamy

    Trainers Knowledge on PMP and Practical Examples.

  324. Anthony Silvestri

    Instructor was excellent

  325. kamal jenadeleh

  326. Santosh Gupta

  327. Shereena Sherafudeen

  328. patrick

    ‘Instructure kept course on track even with a lot of questions.

    Quize answers were explained in a simple and understandable format

  329. Venkata Krishna K Nemmani


  330. Oluyemi Ogunsanya

    ‘The explanation of how relevant been a member of PMP is with regards to taking the exam. I mean the membership benefits before writing exam.
    The classes too were not bad but could be delivered in a better way.’

  331. Hariharan Senthilnathan

    Wonderful course! Will suggest to my friends.

  332. Lokesh Gupta

    Interactive training and Practical Oriented

  333. Mallika Shambu

    Not faced any major technical issues. Really Good job done by the team. The presentation and the content was very clear. Thank you.

  334. Padmaja Karothi

    Very good session. I will definitely recommend to others.


    Over all good


  337. Jale Singh Yadav

    Class presentation, study material, faculty knowledge, quiz, numerical questions & explanation.

  338. Adeyemi Yomi-Ajayi

    ‘Practical professional (work life) examples within a project management environment
    Interactive exchange of experience and ideas among students and
    Crystal clearing doubts repossesses/answers by the trainer

  339. Steven Aitken

  340. Deusdedith Mtweve

    Interactive nature of the course and of course, the willingness of the presenter to not only interact with the participants, but also to encourage them to participate. The course Software was also both easy to use (user friendly GUI) and moderately light graphics such that accessibility even on slow internet connections was practical.


    Ashutosh was very punctual and knowledgeable. He always had the big picture in mind and explained each concept with an eye on the PMP exam. A very good initiation to PMP concepts indeed.


    The repeative queries and the content shared in sructured way are helpful in understanding the material

  343. Alan Christiani




    Virtual Class room;


    Excellent trainer and the sessions


    Quick response of query.

  348. Madanu Lucas

  349. Monday O. Ahonsi

    Training was able to accommodate everyone in all the classes. Answering all questions (even some that really take us back) and yet still able to deliver the entire stuff within the overall time schedule. Just unbelievable! He is such a great teacher and with very clear ascent and tune.


    The way and approach to the course of the trainer was outstanding. He made it quite simple and easy the basics of PMP.

  351. Ying-Hui Huang

  352. Anatoly Anikonov

    Low price, good learning environment

  353. Venkata Guntaka

    ‘I would like to thank cognitel for providing Tushar as instructor for PM course.
    1) Excellent course coverage
    2)SME instructor
    3)Nice Examples
    4)Patience in answering all of the questions’

  354. Abhishek Goel

    ‘All tools and techniques were very well taught by tushar.
    all topics were covered very well’

  355. Arunima Mohanty

    During the training session,the way of giving examples by the trainer I liked the most.


    Punctuality, Presentation


  358. Indhumathi Ganesasubramanian

    Explanations at the class were good

  359. Avinash Kumar Verma

    The entire course was a good one , it was delivered in a very good manner. This course is definitely going to help in our daily activities project work. Then the platform is also superb , even there were no any network hiccups during the course.

  360. Shivaram Rajan Babu

  361. Umang Chopra

    ‘The Way Trainer explained
    weekend Option’

  362. Shubhada Ingole

    Overall the training was helpful. what more could be delivered in a limited span. Good!!

  363. Gaurav Panjwani

    Punctuality & coverage of entire PMBOK concepts in 8 classes

  364. Sivarao Malyala

  365. Hari Varadan Vadukkumchery

    Good pace, Good use of examples to explain, punctual, answered all questions


    Pace of the class.
    Reference materials on the site

  367. Rohan Persaud

    well delivered contents

  368. Jaya Nehru Kumar

    1. Interface is good to interact and listen

  369. Dinara

    The course was teached understandable and easily, now im only need to prepare and pass the PMP

  370. Fatema Shaikh

    Mallika takes time to explain and clear in her explanation.

  371. Amandeep kaur Sandhu

    Excellent trainer

  372. Ankesh Pratap Shahi

  373. Ram Sudhakar Moturi

    Good Explanation.

  374. Enock Daniel Geddam

    Interactive sessions. Test PMP questions.

  375. Santosh Nasine

    The way it was conducted and attention paid to all queries.

  376. Ugendran Machakkalai

  377. Marino Lapietra

  378. Ratish Saroya

    I liked the knowledge, expertise and way of presentation of the trainer. He presented the concepts in quite an easy to understand way.

  379. Ram Pernati

    Trainer is very nice and friendly. He answer all questions with patience and the way he delivers was excellent. Also the site was user friendly and i don’t feel any trouble accessing the web site.


    The slow but steadiness, and prioritises in every concerns.. The course pattern is very useful. The materials too very useful…

  381. Pratibh Chavhan

    As the classes were on weekend. I was able to to study in the weekdays and was well prepared for the next class. Overall it was a good experience.

  382. Abhinav Sethi

    Content and flow in which topics were handled. Excellent.

  383. Olamide Oluwatosin Adekunle

  384. Shobhit Jhalani

  385. Muhammad A Chowdhury

  386. Jaspreet Narr

    Mallika is a knowledgeable instructor with a lot of patience and has a fine demeanor. This class has been a very good value for money. I will definitely consider Cognitel and Cognitel for future training needs.

  387. Parveen Kumar Narula

    I liked the way Trainer quote examples, real time practical examples helps us to remember the stuff better and longer

  388. Anil Kumar Vishwakarma

  389. Utkarsh Khare

    Trainer’s knowledge and punctuality

  390. Sia Tze Hua

    The explanation – graphical and verbal.

  391. Omar Bin Ibrahim



    Trainer explain clear and easy to understand

  393. Josephine Wong Chii Hie

  394. Ramya Krishnaswamy

    Examples, Pace at which training was conducted, and Notes.


  396. Kaveh Zoghi

    Trainer could keep his tonality and energy level very consistent throughout the session. This could help me to concentrate more and keep myself involved in active listening.

  397. Stephen Devaraj

    ‘Good reference documents .
    Downloadable classes for easy reference
    Can attend the class from anywhere’

  398. Srikanth Bulusu

    Ease of attending classes.


    ‘1. The training material such as tutorial and video.
    2. The way the trainer conduct the class.’

  400. Ron S. Cook

  401. Vasyl Malyk


  403. Ramesh Vemuri

  404. Bipul Kumar Dutta

    Provided real life project examples

  405. Assaad Dib

  406. David Forster

  407. Fabian Mueller

    ‘- well structured
    – very good knowledge and class experience of the teacher
    – a lot of good hints and tips by the teacher
    – perfect material for the upcoming steps concerning the PMP test’

  408. Gautam B Gudaganatti

    Concept of teaching !

  409. Sandra Sostaric

  410. Mohammed Maruff Hajji Mohamed

  411. Deepti Singh

  412. Sabeen Afzal-Hussain

    Tushar’s method of instruction is great, he uses examples and make sure that everyone understands and on the same page before moving on to next topic. Great teacher!

  413. Hitendra Malpekar

    The sessions were interactive and the trainer cleared all my queries. He was supportive

  414. Uma Belde


    The course recording could be downloaded. So I can use it for later use.

  416. Gourav Bajaj

    Clarity of concepts and the way of sharing some good real time examples.

  417. Sumit Handa

    Tips and Techniques those can be used to give exam.

  418. Amit Agrawal

    Expanations are good.

  419. Shakti Naik

    Content was good

  420. Gavish Sharma

  421. Billy F. Atkinson Jr.

  422. Harinath Gouru

  423. Rajesh Kumar

  424. Subodh Langde

    ‘Ashutosh teaching method was excellent, examples were real and conduct the pace of teaching brillantly.

  425. Regimon Jose

    ‘Good content, good pace, good subject matter knowledge

    Ashutosh’s classes were the best I have ever had !!’

  426. Ashutosh Potnis

  427. Eugene Snowden

    ‘Instructors was very patient, knowledgeable and committed to making sure that our questions were answered promptly.

    I enjoyed Ashutosh’s delivery method of repeating every point that he makes to ensure that we fully understand.’

  428. Santhosh Narayanan Venkateswaran

    ‘Both trainers Ashutosh and Sanjay were clear about the examples. They walked us through multiple real life scenarios which was helpful with the understanding of various processes.

  429. Anup Pant

    I really liked the teaching with example style of Ashutosh. It really helped to understand the concepts very easily and I would have preferred to get him as the trainer for all the classes. Sunjay was also good but he can employ examples while delivering.

  430. Neelam Kumari

    Training Material, Trainers explanation method

  431. Amol Ramesh Borikar

    The knowledge, guidance & the enthu of the trainers.

  432. Anusmitha james

  433. Vivek Garg

  434. Shikha Manchanda

  435. Audumbar Bhagwan Gavali

    Well programmed training for people interested in grow project management.

  436. Rajneesh Srivastava

  437. Ramesh Kumar Birlangi

    Online but well managed

  438. Abhijit Khan

    Coverage, knowledge of the trainer and the various areas discussed

  439. Yixin Zhao

    The instructor really spent time calling for participation, which can be difficult in an online setting.

  440. Satya Prasad Vallabhaneni

    Teacher and explanation

  441. Ivin Charles Sherrington Ponnu Rajendran

    Contents, trainer

  442. Nitin Saraswat

    The training was well planned and prescriptive.

  443. Sucharitha Pasupuleti

    ‘!. Explanations provided by the trainer whenever anyone in the class questioned him.
    2. Trainer was always punctual’


    Attendance in Virtual

  445. Gunjan Singh


  446. Ankit Sidana

    Knowledge of the trainer and his teaching style (as it is difficult to teach on a web based platform)

  447. Uttam Albela

    ‘Quality of Audio and Video.
    Good slides.
    Punctuality of classes held.’

  448. Paul A. Vigil

  449. Manish Kumar

    Course book

  450. Ham Yean Ming

  451. Mah Ken Ho

  452. Vivek Kulkarni

    As per PMP process and knowledge areas covered step by step. Almost all the queries are answered. This was the excellent and our first step towards exam is firm.


    ‘The teaching method was awesome and easy to understand. Questions answered with clear explanations and some scenarios.
    Missed class can be reviewed form the recording.

  454. Phillip Kiran Kumar

  455. Bhausaheb Patil


  457. Srinivasulu Cherukupalli

    Making the class interest and providing the clear road map for PMP exam. Explain the concepts with examples and do’s and don’ts. Great experience and ever had this much of quality training for the money we paid.


    ‘Overall coverage of PMBOK 5 processes
    Simplified Example to understand concepts
    Formula sheet
    Recording of class
    Well experienced faculty.’

  459. Nitin Aggarwal

    Tips were great

  460. Adriaan Kuijt

    ‘I like the virtual classroom environment and tools. Easy to work with and functional. Looks professional, and promissing for the future.
    Might be lagging sometimes due to slowness of internet.’

  461. Mangeswar R Thotakura

  462. Bhanu Prakash kayala

    The PMP material provided is good


  464. Deepak Kapoor

  465. Alfred Henry Carl IV

    content and structure of the course

  466. Niranjan Patel

    Very open to questions

  467. S M Munir Ahmmod

    ‘Time Management,
    Course Quiz,
    Technical Support
    Trainer excellency.’

  468. Mecille Shelton

  469. Mike Kasij

    Concise tutorials. They were to the point.


    Class interaction, Slides, Recordings,

  471. Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal

    The ability of the trainer to stay focussed on the lessons with questons from 55 participants !!

  472. Nadeera Hasna

    Ashutosh has excellent communication skills.

  473. Chandrashekar Sannanarappar

    Knowledge on PMP processes

  474. Kateki Gupta


    If any query asked by us, Tushar trainer would try to explain in white board. Appreciate the efforts.

  476. Niraj K Rai


    The course is very well laid out and economical.

  478. Jagadeesh Babu Swarna

  479. Satya Prasad Vallabhaneni

    Very good teacher

  480. Sreenivasa Reddy Potireddy

    Trainer was very punctual and complete training went in an planned manner. The way the trainer communicated the concepts required for PMP examination is excellent. The material/tutorials presented is very useful. After completion of the training and tests increased my confidence levels.

  481. Mateen Attar

    ‘Pace – Tutor’s way of teaching (Karan’s) — recordings for later viewing..

    Amazing sessions and amazing class ..’

  482. Alokmay Behera

    ‘1- Presentation skills of the expert
    2- Awesome ability of the expert to carry the whole class together
    3- Hand outs provided during or after the class
    4- Availability of recording classes’

  483. Basem AlOmari

  484. Sandy Indra Ragoobar

    Clarity of explanations of subject matter and the patience when questions were asked.

  485. Odell J Hall

    Information. Ease of Cognitel system

  486. Sandy Indra Ragoobar

    Trainer was patient and ensured everyone understood all work that was being covered.

  487. Nathan A. Terry

  488. Ujjawal Kumar

    Way of Teaching, as if i was in real class though it was virtual

  489. Hemendra S Sirsikar

    ‘Traininig is good and the concept of the video recording is good

  490. Prashantkumar Doshi

    Excellent material; Mr. Sanjay is excellent and he had deep knowledge on the subject. He has answered all the question through out the sessions with very logical approach. Regarding Cognitel I liked the downloadable video; connection and virtual training was great experience and I would certainly sign up for more training if needed.

  491. Ramesh Menon

    Class was well organized and distributed. The online format made it very easy to attend (Even when I was out of town). Recorded sessions made it easy to revise and re-visit difficult concepts. Really happy with the knowledge of the instructor and experience brought to the table.

  492. Hassan Bokhari

    It was good overall

  493. S.Manikandan

    ‘The demonstration was Good
    Tushar never hesitated to clear the doubts
    The Session was more interactive & Informative’

  494. Sunil Soni

    Thanks Tushar for demonstrating his tremendous project management expertise.

  495. Mohamed Ibrahim Elnaeim Mohamed

    ‘- Course material and contents
    – Trainer knowledge and training delivery
    – Course timing’

  496. Devon Retemyer

  497. Kenneth Shove

    Good Course


    Good platform, decent material.


    Punctual & descriptive class

  500. saritha bandlamudi

    Punctuality, Tushar’s way of explanation.

  501. Razak Nazeer Kasim

    Trainer + Virtual platform

  502. David Mason

    Tushar was very understandable. He took extra time when necessary but did not waste time

  503. Sitima Otta

  504. Nanda Krishna Tunuguntla

    Explained the concepts very well with good examples

  505. Supreeth K Narasingh

    The course is very well structured

  506. Purushotham Tandu

    Tushar is always ahead of time and the way he presented the class was really good.

  507. Sharafas Shamsudeen

  508. Deepaish Wali

    ‘Tushar is really the best one and the way he related things with simple and practical examples was brilliant.


  510. Prasad Shinde

    ‘Skilled Trainer..
    excellent explanation
    Good interactive tools’


    ‘1) Trainer-Tushar is really one of the best trainers I have experienced, otherwise I don’t have stamina to sit for 4 hours.
    Delivery style, knowledge, giving examples – all “The Excellent”!!

  512. Majid Ullah

  513. Pawan T.K

    I liked the way the whole session was carried out. Even though it was virtual class room, it felt like a live practical session. Except for few technical hiccups there were no issues with the training. The pace of the session was well maintained.

  514. Katherine Griffis

  515. Abderrazak LOULIZI


  516. Baskar Ramasamy

    The trainer was very professional, attentive and was able to take time and clear all the clarifications. I felt attending these sessions is a great way to start the preparation.

  517. Padma Priya Sagiraju

  518. Mamidi Venkata Siva Jagadish Kumar

    It is first time i have attended the PMP Course. So I have liked all sessions.

  519. Debajyoti Mukherjee

    I liked the way of teaching. Thanks to Tushar.

  520. Irfan Ali

    ‘Overall Delivery.
    Method of Teaching.’

  521. Jagannath Jagathalaprathaban

  522. Asad Mahmood


  524. Kovit Kuprapatpong

  525. Sana Al Najjar

  526. ANISH S R

  527. Rajiv Kaushik

    Ashutosh is a good trainer. he is very calm and precise with his examples

  528. Asif Iqbal


    Post Test Discussion

  530. Sritharan S Amordalingam

  531. Matthew Boo

    ‘Tushar is a wonderful tutor and very patient as well. He addresses the needs of the students and completes class in the allocated time.
    I think that the way the class was conducted was very professional and eliminates the need for a face to face model of delivering the lectures.’


    the presentation is interactive


  534. Soo Xian-Na


    The interaction with the trainer was very good. He has vast experience hence could answer every questions convincingly.


    ‘Overall Concept was fantastic and cost effective.
    I came across the Training Academy when i was at the verge of quitting having spent some fortune with no result to show for it.
    I’m sure i will Ace the PMP exams when i sit for it again after having failed the 1st attempt before i took this your training.
    Good Job you guys have done and you have a great team.Cheers’

  537. Tan Mui Lim

    lots of example and trainer made sure all questions are answered

  538. Umesh Rath


    Delivery method of the training, completion at the stipulated time


  541. K.Ravi Shankar

    Supportive documents and explanations during the class.

  542. Govindaraju Rajashekar

    Trainers knowledge and answering all the questions

  543. Magdalene Osu

    It was quite educative and interactive

  544. Priya Krishnan

    Additional content on the Cognitel website, tests and tutorials, pace of class, trainer’s knowledge.

  545. Mark S Stuard

    Trainer was very good


    Every aspect.

  547. Vashishth Patel

    Instructor was very patient with all questions

  548. Sibil Chulliyil Mohammed


    ‘way of teaching and handling classes
    quizes at end
    simple examples(real life)’

  550. Ginny Ahuja

    ‘Course Material.
    Learning Strategy

  551. Madhu Maddikunta

    Trainer engaged whole class throughout 4 hour class. I will recommend this course to all my collegues.

  552. Tariq Ali Cheema

    I really liked the instructor (Ashutosh). He has great knowledge of the subject.

  553. Aravind Shanker

    ‘The course was structured very well, study materials were excellent.
    The instructor used good examples.He was very clear.

  554. Pradeept Kishore Sahoo

    ‘The way of teaching
    Depth knowledge of course’

  555. Manoj Kumar

    Excellent course flow. Cognitel really works excellent.

  556. Rifaz Jeoffrey Thondi Palliyalil

    instructor was good


    ‘The trainer Mr. Ashutosh was too good. I never felt I’m sitting at home , he made us feel as if we were in the classroom.

    Thanks to Mr. Ashutosh.

    I would recommend my colleages for this.


  558. Piyush Dham

    There were 2 trainers – the first trainer was very energetic and kept you engaged with the course.

  559. Gopalakrishna Inamti Bangalore

    The course was well planned. The handouts were very informative and useful

  560. Linh Rivera

  561. Vishal

    Quiz during Training Sessions

  562. Ramesh Kumbham

    Delivery of the classes are excellent.

  563. Krishna Rai

    Course material, concept clarifications and motivation boost.

  564. Aman Deep Saini

    Instructor very knowledgeable

  565. Affendi Micky Madi

  566. Abhishek Ghosh

    Concepts, examples.

  567. Nicholas Symmonds

    Tushar was a good presenter and tried to keep the participants involved

  568. Naresh Kumar Chalimeda

  569. Nataraj Ashok Jayaraman

    ‘I liked the energy in the class when Ashutosh was the trainer. It would have helped to have him complete the entire batch. Sanjay also provided useful tips but I thought he moved very fast across some of the topics. I like the fact that the class is interactive – allowing students to ask questions on the spot rather than watching pre-recorded videos.

  570. Manish kumar

    Overall Good, Ashutosh Presentation

  571. Lim Chin Keong

  572. Nagendra Sinh

  573. Durand Roy Rodrigues

    I liked the fact that there were people from other fields attending the course along with me. This helped me in understanding the concepts better from the questions everyone would ask.


    Recorded Sessions and tests

  575. Kevin Griffis

    My instructor, Tushar, was very knowledgeable and a great presenter.

  576. Abhijeet Kumar

  577. Manish K Rathi

  578. Durgesh

    Ease of Access

  579. Aviral Chhabra

    ‘*knowledge of the trainer

  580. Rakesh Komarabathuni

    Knowledgable trainer, Good material, Good tips for attending pmp exam


    Recorded Sessions for Revision

  582. Dr. Sanjay Joshi

    Patience of the trainer

  583. Murali Mohan Natarajan

  584. Sri V. Paruchuru

  585. Karthik Keshavaratnam Iyengar

    Well-organized course content.

  586. Romi Zalpuri

    It was a good presentation.

  587. Naiyanii Chadha

  588. Pulletikurthi Kanaka Srinivas

  589. Senthil Prabhu

  590. Saurin Sukumar Makim

    Good Trainer

  591. Vinit Ranjan

    punctuality and communication

  592. Rupmeet Singh

    Previous trainer Tushar was a good. On the last day, the trainer who identified himself as Tushar(everyone in the batch agrees that he is not) was a waste of time. he was not helpful and clear in answering our queries.


    Clarity and knowledge of trainer.


    The overall online training experience.

  595. Jason Yap Boon Hock

  596. Yun Loy Yap

    interactive and informative

  597. Nasrul Hadi Ismail

  598. Ritika Kumar

  599. Maurice Compton

    The instructor explanation why some multiple choice answers were not the best choice. The instructor’s suggestions on how to interpret exam questions.

  600. Bhanuchander Yamzala

    Cognitel’s trainer has good command on all process of PMBOK project management. And the way he explained the Things very illustrative.

  601. Ishak Mohammad


  602. Bhushan Surve

    ‘Tushar has a great understanding behind this project management course, he explained the concepts in very simple way. I feel after this course I don’t have to read the PMBOK book but definitely will go back to refer some parts. He is a good teacher and has a lot of patience while working with us.
    Other than that, overall course arrangement on Cognitel is good, I still need to over the study materials that they provided.’


    I liked how the course was structured. Also, I really liked Tushar’s expertise in providing training and his interest in the students to make sure they understood the concepts or not.

  604. Sonal Katamble

    The tutor teaches in a very slow paced manner. Really appreciate it. Overall Good experience.

  605. Kavitha Devi Sundra Segaran

    ‘The trainer Tushar was very good. His explanation with example and the way he delivered the subject was excellent.

    Also , I would like to mention that customers service Geet was very helpful and supportive before and during the course.

    Overall , I’m very happy with Cognitel and will continue taking online courses and would definitely recommend to my friends.’


    The trainer is very knowledgeable about the subject and gave tips for applying for PMP. Also, he handed help to review our PMP application form


    The way trainer explaining subject with the rite example


    Presentation was informative. Tushar is articulate and able to clear doubts well.

  609. Irfan Ullah

    Overall experience is good, i liked how tushar lead the training.


    Thushar as excellent teaching skills. He used lots of live examples to simplify the complex topics. He kept he course very interesting and interactive.

  611. Roopa Srinivasa

  612. Vishvanathan Subramanian

    Tushar was very patient and was catering to everyones needs and the materials were very well organized and the good thing about the course was having frequent quizzes in between the lectures.

  613. Manash Chakraborty

    ‘Explanations of Content
    Tips and Ideas’


    Excellent presentation skills and good knowledge on PMI concepts.


    Good pace and experience trainer.

  616. Monday O Ahonsi

    I think I am so carried away with the class that I just don’t see anything to change. Everything is so good 10x the value of the money I must say.

  617. TH, Lim



    Quick response of query.


    As the materials are downloadable, I can revise and listen back to the recording any time of the day…

  621. Karthik Seetharaman

    qood quality material and instructor

  622. aditya

    ‘Although training session was lengthy still trainer kept us engaged.

    Matter dispayed very handy.’

  623. Amitava Chatterjee

    The way and approach to the course of the trainer was outstanding. He made it quite simple and easy the basics of PMP.

  624. Ibrahim

    Interactive, many material have been shared, can download the video

  625. madhu j

    Good in using the online tools & great in clarity & presentation

  626. Dike Nur Hikmah

    Trainer tried to make a clear of explanation of each question from participants

  627. Sarang Mehta

    Tushar is an excellent trainer and has all the skills to keep the group connected during the entire four hours session. He also showed tips and tricks to crack the PMP certification and explained each and every process group and knowledge area’s in a seamless way which everyone was able to appreciate.

  628. Indhumathi Ganesasubramanian

    Explanations at the class were good.
    Suggestion: SInce the classes are too long, its feasible if regular breaks to refresh are added

  629. Avinash Verma

    The entire course was a good one , it was delivered in a very good manner. This course is definitely going to help in our daily activities project work. Then the platform is also superb , even there were no any network hiccups during the course.

  630. Munny Chitneni

  631. Abdul Mateen Taj



    The trainer is really knowledgeable and he clarifies all the doubts.

  633. Navin Kanagasabai


    Trainer’s capability of training and explaining things..

  635. Arun Gaikwad

    Communication is very good, good speed, answers all the questions possible, gives examples to explain it better

  636. Tapaswini Mishra

    ‘Tushar as a trainer was excellent in attending questions, with knowldge and very humble and polite with lots of patince.

    The course taken by him was very clear and hope we get questions on the exam also on similar lines.’

  637. Mohamed Bilal

    Trainer’s Explanation, Care and Patient to clearing doubts are excellent.

  638. Gaurav Jain

    Good explaination

  639. Manmeet Singh Kalsi

  640. Adisayanathan Kingsly

    It is good and excellent course in total with quality.

  641. Ong Yah Li

    Trainer is patient and answer every question posted



  643. Syed Ziaurrahman Ashraf

    Tushar Has very good example to clear the doubts.

  644. Mohammed Imtiyaz

    Trainer Konwledge in the subject area and the way of teaching, explanatoin with examples made me understand the course very well.

  645. Sauna Maragh

    I liked the short quizzes, the automated reading and the graphics.

  646. Ambuja Sthanu

    Overall, the course is very useful. The course content is in alignment with the PMBOK content. The trainer has great expertise in the subject matter. It was a great learning experience.

  647. Anitha P S

    Well managed sessions , appropriate pace , good examples.

  648. Chandrasekhar Karanam

    Well priced and neatly organized content, training delivery and overall management.

  649. Naga JayaKiran Nagumothu

    Very Knowledgeable trainer and good, simple examples used during training

  650. Ezaz Khan

  651. Rajesh Vedula

    Tushar is very cooperative in explaining the class question with some good example. I agree that there was little disturbance happened at the end but over all I’m satisfied with the course content.

  652. Gaurav Saxena

    The way doubt’s were cleared with live example’s

  653. Kwame Alex-Eyitene

    An excellent Virtual Training Course well delivered by Tushar.

  654. Raghunath Rajendran

    Karan had an excellent grasp of the subject and was able to support the concepts with examples and corrections wherever required.

  655. Najam us Saqib Naveed

    The trainer was very cooperative and explained everything in simple and easy to understand way and gave very good examples to apprehend difficult topics.

  656. Vikram Nagarajan

    – Interactive nature of the course.
    – Convenience of attending the online classroom from home with no hassles of travel

  657. Abdul Rasheed Mohammed

  658. Muahammad Asim

  659. Mangesh Budkule

    Training was very well organized. Trainer did a fantastic job. I would like to attend more training from Cognitel. Good interaction and tools.

  660. Anna Mikovari

    Tushar is an extremely talented and knowledgeable instructor. I really enjoyed his lessons. I also really liked the format of the class, in that I was able to get things done on the weekend and from my own computer.

  661. Rasheed Pattan Meerasaheb

    Trainer was good, cover the key concepts

  662. Manish Sharma

    Nice Interactive Software.Trainer had a sound knowledge and has excellent mentoring skills.

  663. Mukesh Pawar


    The course content and the way the trainer simplified every aspect of it further was really appreciable.


    Sequence of topics and ease of availability of each class

  666. Maxim Reshulskiy

  667. karthik Gowrishankar

  668. Anil Ahuja

  669. VIjaykumar K. Patel

    ‘Mr. Tushar Gupta had delivered subject professionally.

    Thanks to him for this course.’

  670. Yashwant Tahiliani


    Easy to understand examples and simple to understand materials

  672. Malini Rammohan

    Presentation and the Material was good. Lot of practical examples and problems.

  673. Sajjad Sofi

    Liked almost everything, the interactive learning platform, the teaching methodology and the approach adopted by the Trainer.

  674. Shridher Kolli

    Knowledge of trainer and training pattern.

  675. Nikhil Srivastava

  676. Anshul Srivastava


  677. Venkateswarlu Katepalli

  678. Puneet Singh Parmar

  679. Hiren Vekariya

  680. Nadif Khurshaid

  681. Priyanka Vajpai

    Problem solving ability of the training and course content. Brief and to the point yet relevant.

  682. Anna Mikovari

    Extremely talented and knowledgeable instructor – I really enjoyed his lessons. I also really liked the format of the class, in that I was able to get things done on the weekend and from my own computer.

  683. Feyisayo aregbesola

    the interactions with other potential PMs

  684. Ashiq Abdul Khader

    The classmates…
    The spirit…’

  685. Anand Park ash Gudi

  686. Roddry Dickerson


  687. Hirenraj Sharma Peedoly

    Practical examples

  688. Najam us Saqib

    The trainer , Mr. Tushar was very cooperative and explained everything in simple and easy to understand way and gave very good examples to apprehend difficult topics.

  689. Bennie Leonard

    Attending the training via the web was convenient. Also having the courseware available for download was good.

  690. chandni shukla

  691. Muhammed Casim

    Weekend Schedule, Handout, and Affordability

  692. Ashutosh Upadhyay

    Its flexi timings

  693. Nagaraju

    I loved the labs and the test

  694. Nekia Brice

    Teacher’s patience, good delivery

  695. Nikhil Waghale


  697. Kapil Sharma

    Clarity of thoughts, knowledge of trainer

  698. Sandeep Pandita

  699. Naresh Bezawada

    ‘Good value for the buck.
    Great course material and great experience.
    Good Knowledge of the trainer.’

  700. Sai Prasad Kondoji

    ‘Its one the best courses and first of its kind training on PMP, and its very very valuable . Trainers are excellent and very proactive.
    Ashutosh was excellent and one of the best trainers we have been associated with Cognitel. Thanks Cognitel for such a wonderful and systematic training.’


    Trainer is very nice and friendly. He answer all questions with patience and the way he delivers was excellent. Also the site was user friendly and i didn’t feel any trouble accessing the web site.

  702. Nishant Naveen

  703. Kushagra Mehrotra

    ‘The course was well planned, with proper time Management.
    Trainer was very good, robust and clear in the stuff he was teaching.’

  704. Sabeen Afzal Hussain

    Trainer’s method of instruction is great, he uses examples and make sure that everyone understands and on the same page before moving on to next topic. Great teacher!

  705. Ramesh Natarajan

    The content of the course, the price, the availability over weekend. Ability to see the recordings, take the tests etc.

  706. Anish Parikh

  707. Hitendra Suresh Malpekar

    The sessions were interactive and the trainer cleared all my queries.

  708. Eddie Belkin

  709. Azhar bin Zein S Mamoola

    I liked everything.

  710. Ganesh Ramesh Mithbavkar

    The course recording could be downloaded. So I can use it for later use.

  711. Massih Orfanian Kaffash

  712. Siddhesh Subhash Mantri

  713. Lowhile Mengi

    ‘Trainer is Very Good and Soft spoken.
    His Logics are Very much clear and a Good Teacher also.

    Thank You’

  714. Bal Shankar Harikumar

    ‘- very systematic approach
    – legible & easy paced discourse
    – was very accommodating as the batch was quite large for an online class.

  715. Amar Kumar



    The pdf copies of the presentations are good for quick reviews. The RECAP sections are helpful and the audio is legible.


    Everything is automated….

  718. Foo Chen Woon



  720. Yogesh Kumar Singh

    ‘all 47 Processes defined in PMP has been covered with appropriate real world examples. This helped me a lots, in understanding the context and their applicability in managing a project.


    Tushar (my online class faculty) is very experienced and seems expert of PMP course. He did great job in delivering the course. He took relevant examples during delivery of the content.


    Easy access.

  723. PT Sathish Kumar

    Quizzes are meant to make you apply the learning modules, and Cognitel has done that. Your quizzes require analysis and application.

  724. Rahul Rathore

    Liked the method of presentation.


  726. Jo-An F. Clifton

  727. Ayona Biswas

    Appreciate the presentation and coverage of content. Detailed explanation from the instructor.

  728. Ratish Saroya

    I liked the knowledge, expertise and way of presentation of the trainer. He presented the concepts in quite an easy to understand way.

  729. Eyneen Altaf

    The PDF copies of the presentations are good for quick reviews. The RECAP sections are helpful and the audio is legible.

  730. Lavang Jain


  731. Lakshmi Narasimhulu

    The recaps, the simulation tests because they help one prepare for the final exam. The additional handouts to aid in the final exam preparation.

  732. M Theodar Sundeep Kumar

    ‘The way Tushar explaned the things with Examples.
    The amount of reading content that was given by Cognitel & Cognitel.
    The Ability to download the classes for future refrence.’


  734. Monday O Ahonsi

    Trainer was answering all questions (even some that really took us back) and yet still able to deliver the entire stuff within the overall time schedule. Just unbelievable! He is such a great teacher and with very clear ascent and tune.

  735. Shubhada Ingole

    Overall the training was helpful. what more could be delivered in a limited span. Good!!

  736. Venkata Guntaka

    “I would like to thank cognitel for providing a very good instructor for PM course.
    1) Excellent course coverage
    2)SME instructor
    3)Nice Examples
    4)Patience in answering all of the questions”

  737. Faried Bin Zulkifli

  738. Kalyanaraman Parthasarathy

    Trainer was very knowledgeable and the class was organized very professionally. I had issues with logging into the class several times and had to skip some sessions because of that however I was able to download the recorded sessions and went through them.

  739. Ramesh Ramasamy

    ‘The course content is informative. Thushar has very good knowledge in project management. The way he took this class very nice and it’s really helpful to start.

  740. G Raghunath Patnaik

    Training method, tool, question and answer of trainer. Over all e-learning with Cognitel is good.


    Class is good with contents and tips.

  742. Poornima Jayapal

  743. Sivakumar Rathinavelu



    Best Trainer and tactics used were excellent.

  745. Rony Thomas

  746. Navneet Luthra

    The online presentation was good

  747. Ramkrishna Kumar

    The schedule and course material was very good.

  748. Christine Awachango

    The structure of the contents or learning materials

  749. Sajjad Sofi

    “The Trainer is phenomenal with a great temperament
    and the interactive platform is also great”

  750. Dileep Kumar P S

    ‘Well organised
    well explained’

  751. Virendra Kiran Gajula

    Very Interactive Sessions

  752. Abser Md Nurul

  753. Karthik Sundararajan

    Ashutosh was crystal clear in his explanation. Glad that i attended this training with Ashutosh.

  754. Naveen Vigrahala

    Clarity and Delivery of the Course


    Liked all LTE Modules

  756. Mudit Kulshrestha

    Individual attentions and revert on every query

  757. Chinomnso John Okebie

  758. Shanmugam Marappan

    ‘Trainers have good knowledge on subject. Also abstract was good
    interactive class also good.
    Ashutosh was really good. He explained it very well.’

  759. Prihandoko Saputro

    Trainer, facilities, and course contents.

  760. Sachit Kaushal

    Relevant quizes

  761. Lilit Verdyan

  762. Rajasekhar Kathi


    Trainer Sanjay was quite capable and well knowledgeable on the topic.

  764. Vivek Saxena

  765. Kishore Pagadala

    The hours during the weekend times and the materials.

  766. Rishab

    Cognitel guided us in each step for our success

  767. Manish Nath Agarwal

    A good certification preparatory course

  768. Vipin Chaudhary

    Presentation and easy understanding with examples.

  769. Shivansh Monga

    Trainer’s way of presenting and knowledge, PMP material.

  770. Vipin Chaudhary

    Presentation and easy understanding with examples.

  771. Tushar Vyas (verified owner)

    Friendly and interactice environment

  772. Chandan bhatia (verified owner)

    Overall conceptual clarity of trainer & way of communicating them to students.

  773. Flung Ching Wan


  775. Praveen Kumar.R


    Liked the overall course including the teaching source as well as the relevant examples to teach the basic concepts.

  777. Niranjan Behera

  778. Sajjad Rashid Sofi

    ‘The Trainer is pehnomenal with a great temparament
    and the interactive platform is also great

  779. Moloy Chakraborty

    Thank you Instructor and Cognitel for explaining all concepts

  780. Vikas Singhal (verified owner)

    Examples and common sense used during the training were very good

  781. Ravi Kumar Jha (verified owner)

    Examples, involvement of the instructor made it easy

  782. Raghwendra Bijay (verified owner)

    Tushar is realy a great manor. He is outstanding.

  783. Deepak Yadav (verified owner)

    Trainer knowledge about the topics was excellent and topics were explained well with simple examples. So as to develop better understanding of the concept.

  784. Saurabh Bagga (verified owner)

    Instructor used good examples to get clear understanding

  785. Ritesh Kumar (verified owner)

    Class timings, infrastructure were helpful

  786. Mahak Aggarwal (verified owner)

    The trainer was very good. His way of explaining the concepts along with examples and use of right voice modulation techniques at the right time piqued our interest throughout. He put an extra effort to resolve all the queries at all times.

  787. Sandeep bera (verified owner)

    Tushar was simply phenomenal in delivering the training sessions . The best I had in my entire career . He was so patient in hearing the queries and solving them With some excellent examples/scenarios . Tha pace at which training was delivered was so smooth and hassle free . Never felt we are being rushed . Hats off, you are the best Tushar .

  788. Utkarsh Shrivastava (verified owner)

    Exceptional training at just the right pace including illustrations to explain the concepts, good online and shared materials

  789. Mahak Aggarwal (verified owner)

    The trainer was very good. His way of explaining the concepts along with examples and use of right voice modulation techniques at the right time piqued our interest throughout. He put an extra effort to resolve all the queries at all times.

  790. Pankaj Arora (verified owner)

    Trainer has indepth knowledge of the subject and helped us in resolving all our queries.

  791. KAVERI ARORA (verified owner)

    Thank you Instructor and Cognitel for explaining all concepts

  792. Akshaya khandooja (verified owner)

    End to end support from Cognitel is highly appreciable

  793. Ramninder Thind

    Interactive sessions helped me learn

  794. Manav Deep Singh Randhawa (verified owner)

    The practical demonstrations and exercises, helped with the course

  795. Bal Shankar Harikumar (verified owner)

    Difficult concepts were taught by our trainer in an easy way

  796. Preetam Priyadarshi Nayak (verified owner)

    Trainer covered the complete course content and used good examples that was simple to relate and understand.

  797. Sahana Moitra (verified owner)

    I successfully passed the exam, with support and guidance from Cognitel. Thanks a ton.

  798. Sahana Moitra (verified owner)

    Great teaching. Keep it up.

  799. Aman Saini (verified owner)

    A great learning for me. I executed AI labs for the first time.

  800. Kiranpreet Kaur (verified owner)

    Liked the in-depth discussion of concepts

  801. Chandrakant J. Tank (verified owner)

    I liked course content, delivery, punctuality

  802. AJEET KUMAR (verified owner)

    The best training ever

  803. Jagdeep Singh Bhangu (verified owner)

    The course handouts were very useful

  804. Shehdeep Bhangu (verified owner)

    Pace of the training, expertise of trainer, new concepts of PMP, trainer using real life examples during training are well appreciated

  805. Parveen Kumar Narula (verified owner)

    I liked the Way of Explaining!!

  806. Monika Gupta (verified owner)

    Trainer answered all my queries

  807. KUMAR RISHABH (verified owner)

    Trainer elucidated things really well and with relevant explanations wherever necessary

  808. SUNIL KUMAR MOHANTY (verified owner)

    The Presentations & explanation by trainer made it easy

  809. KUMAR RISHABH (verified owner)

    Trainer elucidated things really well and with relevant explanations wherever necessary

  810. Ashish Surywanshi (verified owner)

    Tushar, is really a knowledgeable trainer and mentor. He has very strong virtual coaching skills. Cognitel, is one of the best training institute I found so far and looking forward for long-term partnership to qualify future courses.

  811. Prashant Kumar

    Liked everything about the course

  812. Wassim Bejjani (verified owner)

    The content is excellent, the supplementary material is very helpful, and the pace of the class was ideal. Tushar did a fantastic job presenting and clarifying the concepts. He is very dedicated and knowledgeable.

  813. Yafang Jasmine Li

    Cognitel’s mock test helped me to prepare for the final certification exam

  814. Hooman Kazempour

    I am happy that I registered for this course. This was worth it.

  815. Nefeli Mitrovgenis

    The sessions were carried out in an interactive manner

  816. Shehryar Gill

    Thank you Instructor and Cognitel for explaining all concepts

  817. Muhammad Wijdan Anwar

    Great learning experience

  818. Raymond Baliwas

    The instructor explained things practically as per experience.

  819. Mohamed Ali Mechichi

    Liked the vibe, the content of the course

  820. Raul Gutierrez-Cabello

    Real life examples assisted in my learning

  821. Zheng Zhou

    Clear explanation on definition and questions made it easy for me

  822. Raymond Baliwas

    The instructor explained things practically as per experience.

  823. Oluwasegun Timothy Soneye

    The trainer is well experienced. The training will definitely help in passing PMP exam.

  824. Ray Anthony SC Sator, P.Eng.

    Analogies used to explain complex theories, were very good

  825. Edwin Sapnu

    Course outline were specific. Tushar was excellent in delivering the presentations.

  826. Irene Wasilewski

    A focus on understanding the concepts, not just memorizing. This helped me in my preparation

  827. Jay Mak

    The duration of the course was broken down to manageable timeline.

  828. Basil N. Chima

    I loved the environment

  829. Amine kanzari

    I successfully passed the exam, with support and guidance from Cognitel. Thanks a ton.


    A great learning for me. I executed AI labs for the first time.

  831. Uzair Anwar

    One of the best trainings, I have ever attended

  832. Jay Mak

    The duration of the course was broken down to manageable timeline.

  833. Kapil Singh Baghel (verified owner)

    Instructor helped me with all my doubts

  834. Ullash Prasad (verified owner)

    Interactive sessions helped me learn

  835. AMANPREET SINGH SAINI (verified owner)

    The way course content/slides are prepared, and not the least but best efforts put by our Instructor Mr. Tushar Gupta.

  836. Kamal Joshi (verified owner)

    Very practical approach of training.

  837. Kailash Hassija (verified owner)

    Mr. Tushar Gupta is a great trainer and have patiently listened to all queries of the participants and cleared the doubts with good practical examples. He is one of the best faculty with great knowledge of subject matter.

  838. Manmeet Mamik (verified owner)

    I liked the way the course was structured and progressed consistently. The instructor, Tushar, has immense experience and knowledge that was reflected during the online sessions. The tools and techniques used during the sessions were extremely effective in keeping everyone engaged. Great effort was put in by the diligent trainer to make the sessions interactive that it almost felt like an in-person class. Resources provided after the sessions are of great value as well!

  839. SACHIN GAUR (verified owner)

    Instructor used examples from real life projects

  840. Vidya N H (verified owner)

    I liked trainer flow, trainer’s expertise in subject

  841. Sue Arongna

    The sessions were carried out in an interactive manner

  842. Nabeel Kassem Mohammed

    A great effort from Cognitel and its trainer

  843. Saad Alaa Abdulrasool

    I successfully passed the exam, with support and guidance from Cognitel. Thanks a ton.

  844. Abbass Jafari

    A great learning for me. I executed AI labs for the first time.


    Difficult concepts were taught by our trainer in an easy way

  846. Segun Olatunji

    I would love to come back for new trainings from Cognitel

  847. Zahra Qassim

    I like the way of teaching and the course handouts.

  848. Bradley Shalley

    The online training method allowed open discussion and feedback.

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