Effective Telecom Tower Site Acquisition: Process and Sales Negotiation (Corporate Only)

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The candidates attending this program should have site deployment experience and basic understanding of telecom networks.

  • Mobile Technology Introduction
  • Basic RF Planning Guidelines
  • Elements of Effective Site Selection
  • Elements of BTS Site
  • Tools for Site Acquisition
  • Soft Acquisition Process (New Sites)
  • Hard Acquisition Process (New Sites)
  • Site Acquisition Upgrade Process
  • Rent Policy
  • Site Acquisition Challenges & Behavior
  • Understand the technology aspects involved in acquiring the sites
  • Review network design for more efficient planning and execution of the entire site acquisition process
  • Utilize search rings effectively to quickly screen out the bad sites and select the best ones
  • Approach prospective landlords and then negotiate to finalize the deal
  • Understand the Radio Planner aspect in planning the network design and sites
  • Implement the effective ways of acquiring the sites

Mobile Technology Introduction

  • Evolution of Wireless Technologies (1G to 4G)
  • GSM, CDMA & WCDMA Overview and impact on Site Selection

Basic RF Planning Guidelines 

  • Identification of Site Search Area
  • RF and LOS Survey
  • Morphological Classification of Clutters

Elements of Effective Site Selection 

  • Acquisition guidelines for GBT and RTT sites
  • Cautionary Areas

Elements of BTS Site

  • Civil & Electrical Element specifications and Load
  • Active Infrastructure Elements

Soft & Hard Site Acquisition Process (New & Upgrade Sites)

Rent Policy

Site Acquisition Challenges and Behavior

  • Site Tracking and Preparation
  • Unlock Owner’s Interest
  • Confirm Interest & Understanding
  • Check Site Details
  • Eliminate Doubts & Objections
  • Secure documents for Legal Agreement
  • Sign the Deal
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