Advanced Level Certification in Telecom Circuit Switched Core Networks


  • Explain detailed Network Architecture and Interfaces of switch module, NGN, IMS & IN
  • Apply concepts of various signaling – CAS, CCS7, SIGTRAN, SIP and V5.2 etc
  • Explain call flow, services and upper layer messages
  • Forecast the requirement of network up-gradation & Plan
  • Perform Design and Dimensioning of Circuit core network elements and interfaces (NGN, CS Core, STP, IN and IMS,)
  • Monitor network performance reports, KPIs of Circuit core network & plan interventions
  • Perform network level optimization
  • Manage subscriber and traffic administration
  • Understand peripheral systems and adjunct VAS services like RBT, IVRs & SMSC, VMS and their impact on CS core elements, performance and traffic.
  • Understand Location measurement technologies and infrastructure.
  • Comprehend government policies and regulations including LBS compliances.
  • Optimize Circuit core network solution through comparison/benchmarking techniques.
  • Carry out intra/inter Circuit core network troubleshooting .
  • Analyze Circuit core network reports.
  • Perform parameter level optimization.
  • Understand Advanced IP and IMS networking.
  • Understand VAS product / features development, testing on messaging ( USSD & SMSC), LBS systems and conferencing services.
  • Understand Evolution of service delivery platforms , Web RTC.
  • Understand emerging rating & charging technologies – payment convergence & Fixed mobile convergence.
  • Understand evolution of Diameter Routing Agents and architectural impact on network. .
  • The certification is especially designed for telecom and networking professionals to access their technical skills. The certification not only guides you on your technical strengths and weaknesses but can also act as a benchmark for your next employerDecorate your CV now ! Get Certified.

Q 1. What is the core network element which act as Router for transferring Signaling messages to switching end points?

A.   MSS
B.   MSC
C.   Media Gateway(MGW)
D.   STP

Q 2. In SS7 protocol suite which layer performs Routing on Label (OPC, DPC)?

A.   MTP3
C.   MTP1
D.   MTP2

Q 3. In ISUP call flow what is the message sent to clear the call when a subscriber goes on hook?
A.   REL
B.   RLC
C.   ACM
D.   IAM

Q 4.What is the Entity which informs HLR that a subscriber has arrived in the particular area?
A.   MGW
C.   EIR
D.   STP

Q 5.What is the Unit to measure of offered load or carried load on service-providing elements such as telephone circuits or telephone switching equipment?
A.   KBps
B.   Erlang
C.   GB
D.   CPS (calls per second)

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  • Passing score = 60%
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