Certification in Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

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Course Overview 

This course provides the basics of high quality voice and SMS over LTE networks. We will also discuss video and multimedia services over LTE.

Upon completion of  Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Training, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand different approaches for providing voice over LTE networks
  • Note industry approved VoLTE technologies and standards
  • Technical and practical elements of VoLTE
  • Operation of VoLTE system
  • IMS functions and processes
  • Operation of CSVB and SV-LTE
  • IMS and PCC nodes functions in VoLTE

Participants attending the course should have knowledge of LTE principles and technology.

Module 1: VoLTE Basics – Evolution Of LTE

  • What is VoLTE?
  • VoLTE -basic architecture
  • Requirements of VoLTE
  • Voice Solution
  • Benefits of VoLTE – evolution of LTE – 3GPPR4 & 3GPPR99

Module 2: VoLTE Access Architecture – EPS/eUTRAN

  • LTE/EPC Network Elements
  • Evolution of Network Architecture
  • EPS Architecture
  • UE identifications
  • LTE Mobility and connection states

Module 3: VoLTE Architecture,Interfaces,Protocols,Network Elements

  • VoLTE (IMS) – Architecture
  • MMTEL session explanation
  • VoLTE -end to end solution components
  • 3GPPR5 & IMS
  • IMS/MMTEL Nodes
  • IMS Architecture – P-CSCF,I-CSCF,S-CSCF,HSS,AS -Application Servers

Module 4: VoLTE Signalling and Media Flow

  • SIP Protocol
  • IMS registration
  • UE initiated resource allocations
  • SIP message structure , PRACK requests
  • Mobile to Mobile call set up
  • Mobile to PSTN call set up
  • SMS in VoLTE

Module 5: ICS,CSFB and SRVCC

  • Mechanism for co-exsitence
  • CSFB
  • CSFB High Level call flowr
  • CSFB functions in network architecture

Module 6: ICS & SRVCC

  • ICS – IMS centralized services
  • Handover procedure
  • SRVCC R10 architecture – PS call establishment phase

Module 7: IMS/MMTEL over EPC Bearer

  • MMTEL over EPC architecture
  • control and user planes of LTE
  • EPS bearer service architecture

Module 8: VoLTE Performance

  • QOS and performance aspects
  • speech quality,latency and power saving features
  • Access QOS aware/unaware VoLTE application

This course can be delivered in live virtual classroom mode, where,  you do not have to travel miles to take up this courses as we bring learning at your fingertips

Cognitel’s easy-to-use interactive online platform provides access to students and professionals to engage in courses, delivered by our experienced subject matter expert, from comforts of their home, office or on mobile devices.

In Live Virtual Classroom training, there is provision of :

    1. One to One Training (Personalized) :

  • The start date can be scheduled depending on the participant’s convenience.
  • Please feel free to reach support@cognitel.com, to schedule your class.
  • 5 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)

    2. Group Training  :

  • Contact Support Team at support@cognitel.com for upcoming batch dates.
  • Minimum batch size: 5 (to initiate a batch)
  • 5 classes @ 4 hours per day
  • Training Time:
    • 1900 hours to 2300 hours (Indian Standard Time)
    • 1330 hours to 1730 hours (Greenwich Mean Time)

If you are interested for Live Virtual Classroom Sessions, please email us at:  support@cognitel.com or submit your requirement through the Enquiry Panel.

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