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Course Duration: 16 Hours
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This program is designed to provide good understanding of OSS and BSS solutions used in the field of Telecom. It introduces OSS/BSS solutions, comprising of applications that enable the integration of human and network processes

Product Description

The candidates attending this course should have basic knowledge of OSS/BSS systems.

  • Telecommunications – Setting the scene for OSS and BSS
  • OSS & BSS – an Overview
  • Focus on OSS
  • Focus on BSS
  • Products and Key Opportunities within OSS/BSS


  • Understand modern telecommunications and the role of OSS/BSS
  • Identify the focus areas for which current OSS/BSS systems provide support in a Telecom network
  • Describe the complete OSS architecture
  • Explain the relevance of the TMF, eTOM and NGOSS to the development of OSS / BSS
  • Evaluate current and future OSS/BSS solutions, along with their strengths and weaknesses
  • Explain the major OSS/BSS equipment vendors, with their main product areas in each case

 Telecommunications – Setting the scene for OSS and BSS

  • Technologies and Capabilities
  • Fixed Network Access Techniques
  • The “Fixed” Core Network
  • Mobile Radio Access Technologies
  • The “Mobile” Core Network
  • Accessing the Internet – Mobile and Fixed

   OSS & BSS- an Overview

  • The Basic Requirements
  • The Role and Scope of OSS and BSS
  • Processes and Procedures
  • The TMF and eTOM
  • Technologies and Capabilities
  • The Architecture and Framework
  • Bringing it all Together – the Integrated Approach
  • NGOSS Explained

   Focus on OSS

  • The Operational Environment
  • Systems and Technologies
  • Processes and Procedure Flows
  • OSS Application Requirements
  • Architecture and Framework
  • An Example Solution
  • Evaluating the OSS Solution

   Focus on BSS

  • The Business Environment
  • Business Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supplier/Partner Relationship Management (including SLAs)
  • Billing Systems
  • Mediation
  • Revenue Assurance

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