VoLTE Professional Certification


  • Understand different approaches for providing voice over LTE networks
  • Note industry approved VoLTE technologies and standards
  • Technical and practical elements
  • Operation of system
  • IMS functions and processes
  • Operation of CSVB and SV-LTE
  • IMS and PCC nodes functions in VoLTE

The VoLTE Professional certification is especially designed for telecom and networking professionals to access their technical skills. The certification not only guides you on your technical strengths and weaknesses but can also act as a benchmark for your next employer.

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1. _________ is like a virtual tunnel that carries data in an LTE network.

a. Traffice Flow Template (TFT)

b. Bearer

c. QoS

d. QCI

2. Lawful interception in LTE is  the responsibility of which NE element in EPS architecture


b. MME

c. eNB

d. UE

3. The inferface between eNodeB and eNodeB is?

a. S1

b. LTE-Uu

c. S1-MME

d. X2

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