Ericsson Mini link TN (Corporate Only)

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The candidate attending Ericsson Mini link TN program should have basic understanding of PDH, SDH, IP & GSM technologies. He should possess relevant experience on installation, commissioning of Microwave radios or SDH optical multiplexers.

  • Introduction & Overview
  • MINI-LINK Technical Overview
  • MINI-LINK Indoor Units
  • MINI-LINK TN Indoor Units
  • MINI-LINK Outdoor Units
  • MINI-LINK Installation Overview
  • MINI-LINK System Configuration
  • MINI LINK Configuration & Management System
  • Data Communication Network
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Explain the functional description of plug-in units of Ericsson MINI-LINK TN
  • Describe the system structure of MINI-LINK TN
  • Troubleshoot various alarms in the transmission network
  • Explain the Data Communication Network used for Network Management.
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  1. Abubakar Musa


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