Introduction to Big Data

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Big Data, it’s advantages :

  • Better Insights from Data
  • Better view of User behaviours
  • Helps in more accurate predictions
  • Helps in personalization at Scale
  • Saves a lot of time required for information extraction
  • Integrates both structured and unstructured information
  • Helps in better decision making
  • Helps in becoming more customer-centric

This course will help you understand the basic concepts on identifying the right data and making sense.

Apache Hadoop is a framework designed to perform computations in a distributed fashion. It works on large clusters made up of commodity hardware connected by network. It is an Apache open source project under G N U Licenses. The framework is designed to process Big Data at a much higher speed than the existing Computational Setup.

The following features make Introduction to Big Data so persuable :

  • Open Source: Making it cost effective and customizable as per needs
  • Runs on Commodity Hardware: Reducing the infrastructure cost
  • Fault Tolerant: It makes 3 copies of the data block on different nodes, hence, in case any node goes down the data can be easily retrieved by the other nodes
  • Scalable: New nodes can be added on the fly without affecting the other nodes
  • Distributed Processing: The data id processed in parallel by the nodes in the cluster

Participants will learn about Hadoop Architecture and some other open source technologies used for Data processing. The course also touches topic like analytics through descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics and predictive analytics.

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The pre-requisite for Introduction to Big Data module includes basic understanding of IT terminologies related to data.

Engineering students or people interested to learn more about ICT Operations.

  • Characteristics and advantages
  • Hadoop, its features and ecosystem
  • Hadoop Architecture, and its basic building blocks
  • MapReduce, and its process using an example
  • Various Open-source Technologies, and
  • Using Big Data for Analytics and Customer Experience Management
  • Importance and associated risk
  • Hadoop
  • Open Source Technologies


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  51. Rakshitha Nr

    One of the best modules ever read!! The contents are short and very informative .The audio is no different from that of cc content.

    Any module that would be released later on for the younger employees, would better have the same cc content with that of the audio content.Easy to grab and learn that way!!

    Thank u for all the modules that were given to us.Very much informative and have got much more knowledge about this vast field.
    Thank you once again for making me a part of this learning!

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