Introduction to 5G


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Introduction to 5G


Our life is poised to change forever with the implementation of fifth-generation connectivity for data networks across the world. Fifth-generation or popularly known as 5G, has also been highlighted as a path towards a fully wireless future. 5G will have the potential to support millions of devices at multi-Gbps data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, improved accessibility, massive network capacity, increased availability and improved safety, health and security.

Keeping the above change in mind, Cognitel’s experts have developed an online (self-learning) module of 5G, which gives an insight into the basics of 5G, its importance, technology changes, applications, etc.

The course also introduces you to Internet of Things (IoT) which is expected to grow after 5G deployment.

Total duration of the e-learning course = 1 hour, which includes online videos and a final quiz.

On successful completion of the quiz, you will receive a downloadable “Course Completion Certificate”.


What you will learn:

  • Evolution of 5G
  • 1G to 2G to 3G to 4G to 5G
  • 5G applications and business case
  • Key drivers for implementation of 5G
  • Fronthaul, massive transport bandwidth, densification, NFV, network slicing
  • Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN), Small-cell
  • SDN, 5G-NR, MIMO, Advanced Antenna Systems
  • Different scenarios of 5G deployment
  • What is Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IoT Evolution, IoT Application
  • IoT Ecosystem, IoT Challenges


Course constituents:

There are 6 online modules, which you need to complete, followed by an online assessment.

  • Module 1: Evolution of 5G and key highlights
  • Module 2: 5G Terminology, Concepts and Applications – Part A
  • Module 3: 5G Terminology, Concepts and Applications – Part B
  • Module 4: Getting Ready for 5G – Network Evolution
  • Module 5: Internet of Things (IoT) – Evolution and Application
  • Module 6: IoT – Ecosystem and Challenges


Target Audience:

  • Anyone who wants to learn and understand wireless technology 5G.
  • Anyone willing to build a career in telecommunication or ICT, this is the correct start point for you.

Pre-requisites: Nothing.

Students and working professionals from any domain, with or without any knowhow on telecom, can register for this course.

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