IP Backhaul Planning in LTE Networks (Corporate Only)

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This program provides basic understanding of IP backhaul planning in LTE networks. This course explores various technology options and architectures for IP backhaul solutions, including LTE transport Interfaces & protocols. It provides details of default IP connectivity and QoS transport enforcement.

Participants undergoing IP Backhaul Planning in LTE Networks program should have basic understanding of IP network, QoS policies and 4G call flows.

  • LTE Performance
  • Transport Security
  • Mobile backhaul Network Architecture for LTE
  • LTE Transport Interfaces and Protocols
  • Transport Qos
  • Transport Operability
  • Synchronization
  • Site Solutions
  • Redundancy Solutions
  • Understand IP backhaul Networks
  • Implement LTE transport Security
  • Explain QoS and Security aspects of LTE network
  • Explain Backhaul network applications in LTE network with site solutions
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