Optical Fiber Communication (Corporate Only)


Participants attending Optical Fiber Communication course should possess basic understanding of transmission concepts & technologies. He should have relevant experience on installation, commissioning of SDH optical multiplexers.

  • Construction of OFC
  • Types of OFC
  • Optical Communication System Overview
  • SDH/SONET overview
  • Losses in OFC
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of OFC
  • Dispersion in OFC
  • Test Equipment used in OFC
  • Splicing of OFC USING Splicing Machine
  • DWDM concept
  • Optical Network Elements
  • OFC Laying Procedure
  • Understand the Elements used in OFC cable
  • Know the Principle of Optical Communication
  • Understand the advantages of OFC over Microwave and Copper cable
  • Know different components used in OFC Communication
  • Explain the modulation used in OFC Communication
  • Understand Losses/Dispersions in the OFC
  • Test OFC cable
  • Splice OFC cable
  • Operate test equipment i.e. OTDR, Splicing Machine, Optical Source, Optical Meter etc.
  • Understand the concept of DWDM, its advantages, and ITU spectrum
  • Understand the laying procedure in different terrains
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