Certification in Optical Fiber Communication


Certification in Optical Fiber Communication is a 6 hours extensive online course, designed to provide a deep understanding of the Optical Communication Infrastructure and other important knowledge associated with OFC. There are 9 chapters covering the following topics. On successful completion of chapters and passing the final quiz, you will receive “Course Completion Certificate” from Cognitel.

  1. Evolution of Transport Networks
    • Transmission Media
    • Comparison of Wired and Wireless media
    • Network topologies
    • Multiplexing
  2. Identification of Optical Fiber
    • Types of Optical Fiber
    • Principle of Optical Fiber Communication (OFC)
    • Applications of Optical Fiber
    • Identification of Optical Fiber
  3. Fiber Optic Design
    • Optical Spectrum
    • Construction of Fiber
    • Types of Cable Assembly
  4. Fiber Optic Sources and Amplifiers
    • Fiber Optic Sources
    • Fiber Optic Receivers
    • Fiber Optic Regenerators and Amplifiers
  5. Fiber Optic Connectors and Couplers
    • Optical Couplers
    • Optical Connectors
  6. Fiber Optic Loss, Dispersion and Power Budget
    • Losses in Optical Fiber
    • Fiber Dispersion
    • Optical Fiber Budget
  7. Fiber Blowing and Splicing
    • Fiber blowing
    • Splicing types and methods
  8. Tools and Equipment for Troubleshooting
    • Test Equipment
    • Testing parameters
  9. Safety Guidelines – Fiber Optic Safety Procedures
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