Transport Systems & IP in Mobile Telecom Networks (Corporate Only)

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The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of Transmission, PDH, SDH & IP technologies

  • PDH & SDH technologies – PCM, Quantization, E1/T1 & Higher frame structures
  • Microwave and Optical fiber communication, LOS concept & Microwave link budget
  • Topologies & Applications
  • Protection Schemes and Diversity concepts
  • IP Concepts & Fundamentals
  • IP Telephony, ATM and MPLS Transport Networks
  • Understand Transport Network Technologies like PDH & SDH
  • Explain Microwave and Optical network configurations and related applications
  • Explain advantages & disadvantages of these w.r.t. topologies and application areas
  • Understand PDH & SDH Hierarchies and frame structures
  • Understand ATM and TCP/IP basic concepts
  • Explain the need of ATM & IP transport technologies in next generation networks

PDH & SDH technologies

  • Introduction & Architecture of Mobile networks
  • Wired & Wireless Transmission Systems
  • Microwave Radio and Optical systems
  • LOS & Link budget in Microwave Radio Systems
  • PCM – E1/T1 concepts & Higher Order Multiplexing
  • PDH and SDH Technologies – Problems & Solutions
  • SDH frame structure

   Synchronization, Network Management in SDH

  • Synchronization Status Byte (S1)
  • Network Distribution of Synchronization Signals
  • Synchronization after a Network Failure
  • Element Management
  • Network Management

   Topologies & Protection Schemes

  • Various Transmission topologies in Mobile networks
  • Diversity Concepts – Space, Frequency, Polarization
  • Traffic Protection, Network Restoration & Protection Switching

   TCP/IP Fundamentals

  • IP Fundamentals
  • IP Subnetting
  • IP Routing
  • TCP/IP & UDP Protocol

   ATM Integration

  • Brief Overview of ATM
  • Mapping of ATM Cells into SDH

   MPLS Overview

  • MPLS Introduction
  • Architecture
  • MPLS Label Switching
  • MPLS Protocols.
  • MPLS protection Approaches.
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