NSN 2G BSS Network and O&M (Corporate Only)



The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of PDH, SDH & GSM technologies. He should possess relevant O&M experience in any domain like Fault, Configuration and Performance management in BSS.

  • GSM Evolution, Architecture and interfaces focused on NSN way of implementing
  • NSN DX200 platform overview
  • Evolution and Functional Description of NSN BSCs & TCSMs
  • A (TCSM & CCS7), GB, Abis interface Implementation and O&M
  • Functional description and applications of NSN BTS & MW products
  • BTS & BSC Alarm interpretation, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Fault, configuration and performance management through OSS (Network Management System)
  • Perform alarm analysis, troubleshooting and O&M of NSN BSC, TCSM and BTS products to reduce network downtime
  • Do capacity expansion of functional modules of NSN BSC, TCSM and BTS products
  • Preventive Maintenance activities for the said products at various recommended intervals
  • Execute configurational changes in NSN BSS radio network parameters like LapD channel creation, GPRS, EDGE implementation

  GSM Evolution and NSN 2G Network Architecture

  • Understand GSM & GPRS/EDGE network Architecture
  • Explain network subsystems and their functions
  • Explain various network interfaces and signaling protocols
  • Understand Transmission network elements and various topologies
  • PDH & SDH technologies

   DX200 Overview, Evolution & Functional Description of NSN BSCs

  • DX 200 Hardware and Software Architecture in Subrack and Cartridge technologies
  • DX 200 Platform functional units and redundancy principles
  • Get familiarized with BSC product evolution, Architecture & differences between BSC releases
  • Explain the functional description of various units and Plug in Units in BSC 3i 660TRX and 2000TRX
  • Interrogating BSC Software, practice on Safe Copying, Rollback and Status Swap (with Practical Exercises)
  • Managing and interrogating the Hardware creation of functional modules & Plug in units (with Practical Exercises)
  • Understand the various LAN topologies in BSC 3i 660 TRX and 2000 TRX

   Functional Description of NSN TCSMs and Commissioning & Integration Process of BSC3i

  • TCSM product evolution, Explain the Architecture & differences between TCSM releases
  • Explain the functional description of various units and Plug in Units in TCSM 2E & TCSM 3i
  • List types of installation methods in TCSM and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each
  • IMS Concept
  • Understand Pre-requisites and Step-wise procedure for BSC3i Integration
  • A interface configuration (TCSM, CCS7 & Speech Circuits) Implementation and troubleshooting (with Practical Exercises)

   NSN BTS and Integrated Microwave Units

  • Get familiarized with Nokia Base Station product’s family
  • Understand the various evolution stages & application areas of Nokia Base Station
  • Understand each and every module of NSN BTS’s: MetroSite, UltraSite and Flexi EDGE BTS
  • ABIS & GB interface configuration (LapD Channel, BTS Site and GB configuration) Implementation and troubleshooting (with Practical Exercises)
  • Signalling Protocols of UMTS
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