NSN Flexi Packet Microwave Radio (Corporate Only)



The candidate attending this program should have basic understanding of PDH, SDH, IP & GSM technologies. He should possess relevant experience on installation, commissioning of Microwave radios or SDH optical multiplexers with knowledge of active and passive infrastructure elements at a BTS site.

  • Flexi Packet Radio module functional description and interfaces
  • Flexi Packet Radio Installation and Protection techniques
  • Flexi Packet Radio Commissioning, Alignment and Integration
  • Alarm interpretation, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Fault, configuration and performance management through NMS
  • Perform alarm analysis, troubleshooting and O&M of Flexi Packet MW radio to reduce network downtime
  • Implement transmission media upgradation, re-configuration, re-alignment for disturbed hops
  • Explain the functional description of modules of Flexi Packet MW radio in different configurations
  • Integrate the Flexi Packet MW radio in centralized NMS system for alarm and performance reporting
  • Remote connection through NMS and performing configuration changes/ traffic diversions

  Flexi Packet Radio Product Overview

  • Flexi Packet Radio description
  • External interfaces
  • Alternate connections to indoor units
  • Powering Injector, Repeater concepts and Protection schemes
  • Synchronization & clock recovery

   Flexi Packet Radio Installation 

  • ODU-Antenna assembly and installation
  • Powering options
  • Installing IDU sub modules
  • IDU-ODU cable installation check
  • IDU & ODU configuration settings
  • Alternate integrated Indoor units

   Flexi Packet Radio Commissioning, Alignment and integration 

  • Point to point MW Radio link system
  • Commissioning Flexi Packet Radio module
  • Hardware and software requirements for Flexi Packet Radio Module
  • Configuring hardware settings, transmission interfaces and synchronization settings
  • Configuring IP, DHCP Client & Ethernet payload
  • MW link alignment and troubleshooting

   Flexi Packet Radio management through NMS (with Practical Exercises)

  • Configuring NMS and QOS configuration
  • Fault & performance management through NMS
  • Creating and configuring MW radio objects in NMS
  • Taking remote sessions and perform configuration changes
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