BSS and Radio Element Essentials (Corporate Only)



The candidates attending this program should have basic understanding  of telecom networks & generations with GSM concepts.

  • UMTS Technology – An Evolution from GSM 2G and 2.5G
  • 3G Services and Application
  • Network Architecture, Interfaces & Signaling protocols of UMTS
  • UTRAN functionality and working principle
  • Transport technologies in UMTS
  • Define the architecture of UMTS Network vis-à-vis 2G network
  • Explain and relate UMTS Technology to Network Elements
  • Understand the traffic concepts of UMTS Networks to manage & operate the Networks
  • Understand different interfaces & signaling protocols in UMTS Networks
  • Understand various transport network technologies & topologies

 Technology Overview

  • Communication Network (Types & Applications)
  • Wireless Communication
  • Wireless technologies and application areas
  • Cellular Networks (Evolution & Technology)
  • GSM – Network basic architecture, Interfaces & protocols
  • CDMA – Evolution, Spread Spectrum Technique, NW Architecture and Radio channels
  • WCDMA (UMTS Architecture) – Network basic architecture, Interfaces, protocols & Radio channels
  • PDH & SDH technologies – PCM, Quantization, E1/T1 & Higher frame structures
  • Microwave and Optical fiber communication, LOS concept & Microwave link budget

   3G Services and Applications

  • Circuit Switched Services
  • Packet Switched Services
  • Message Services

   Network Elements – Mobile Networks

  • Network elements used within RAN/BSS
  • Network elements used within RAN
  • Main functions of BTS/Node B, BSC/RNC, Core Elements etc
  • Network Management System Overview

  Active & Passive Infrastructure Elements at Base Station Site

  • Site Infrastructure Elements (Civil & Electrical)
  • Active Elements (BTS, MW, MUX etc.)

  Transport technologies Network Elements in UMTS

  • Concepts of PDH and SDH
  • IP and ATM Basics
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