CDMA, UMTS Technology Fundamentals


In CDMA, UMTS Technology Fundamentals, focus will be on two new techologies, CDMA and UMTS.
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CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies. The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a third generation (3G) mobile cellular system for networks based on GSM standard. This course enlightens your telecommunications knowledge in other technology modes.

Upon completion of the CDMA, UMTS Technology Fundamentals Online course, participants will learn about:

  • CDMA Concepts
  • Frequency Reuse
  • Gain in CDMA
  • CDMA Architecture
  • UMTS/UTRAN Architecture
  • Understand RadioNetwork Controller (RNC)
  • HSPA Concepts

Engineering students and telecom professionals are eligible to attend the course. Fresh candidates need to go through GSM Networks Fundamentals course, the basic course before CDMA and UMTS Network Fundamentals.

  • Overview of CDMA Technology
  • Concepts in CDMA
  • Processing Gain in CDMA
  • CDMA Network Architecture
  • CDMA Call Processing
  • UMTS Network Fundamentals
  • UMTS Network Architecture
  • UTRAN Network Architecture
  • Radio Network Subsystem (RNS)
  • Radio Network Controller (RNC)
  • Channel types in UTRAN
  • HSPA Concepts
  • HSDPA Operating Principles
  • Features of HSUPA
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