Certification in LTE Air Interface



The Participants attending the course should have the knowledge of RF fundamentals of GSM & 3G networks.

LTE Air Interface course

  • Evolution of 3GPP releases, from release 99 to release 9
  • Radio interface techniques, modulaiton schemes and different duplex modes in LTE Physical Layer Structure
  • LTE Radio Interface Protocol Stack and LTE States
  • Downlink, Uplink Physical signal and channels
  • HARQ, Random access procedure
  • Power Control and MIMO
  • UL and DL Scheduling principles and signaling
  • Concepts of dynamic and semi-persistent scheduling
  • LTE Mobility, Intra-LTE mobility in ECM-CONNECTED and ECM-IDLE mode
  • Explain LTE Air Interface Capabilities
  • Explain Radio interface techniques
  • Describe LTE Air Interface Accessing & Modulation Techniques
  • Understand Physical Layer Structure
  • Understand the concept of MIMO
  • Explain UL and DL Scheduling principles and signaling
  • Understand Radio Frames & Channels Structure
  • Explain RRM (Radio Resource management) feature
  • Describe E-UTRAN Frequency Bands
  • Describe Radio Interface Protocols
  • Describe Radio Interface States
  • Explain Retransmission Mechanism – HARQ
  • Describe LTE Mobility, Intra-LTE mobility in ECM-CONNECTED and ECM-IDLE modes
  • Attend the classes from convenience of home, office, etc.
  • You need an internet connection of above 512 kbps and a good computer system, with updated Java for attending the LVC sessions.
  • All classes are recorded and stored in your account for 30 days. You can review the class recordings, online or offline, after completion of the training.
  • During the live sessions, you can chat, discuss and clarify your doubts instantaneously.
  • Practice Exams available after the end the exam, to check on the efficiency of learning.

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