Evolved Mobile Telecom Technologies (UMTS, WiMax, LTE) – (Corporate Only)


The candidates attending Evolved Mobile Telecom Technologies program should possess good working knowledge on GSM networks and basic understanding of IP technologies.

  • UMTS Technology Evolution, applications and Network Overview
  • 3GPP Network Architecture, Interfaces & Signaling protocols of UMTS
  • UTRAN functionality and working principle
  • LTE/SAE Network Overview and Applications
  • LTE Network Architecture and interfaces
  • LTE Mobility and Session management
  • Wimax Technology overview and applications
  • WiMax network Architecture and interfaces
  • Define the evolution path of UMTS networks with application areas
  • Explain and relate UMTS Technology to Network Elements
  • Understand the traffic concepts of UMTS Networks to manage & operate the Networks
  • Define the LTE network Architecture, interfaces and applications
  • Explain the Mobility and session management principles
  • Define the WiMax technology architecture, interfaces and applications
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