GSM Network Fundamentals

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Course Duration: 60 Days
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GSM Network Fundamentals (Global System for Mobile Communication) is the first digital system used for mobile telephony. GSM laid the foundation for the future mobile networks. GSM is also classified as 2nd Generation (2G) mobile network. The evolution of modern day mobile communication network find their roots in GSM.

Product Description

The advancement of all the cellular communication networks goes hand in hand with the wireless technology evolution. The course give all the basic details about the journey of wireless technology development. Basic concepts related to frequency spectrum and coverage are included in the beginning of the course. Course covers the concepts on radio wave propagation and gradually connects the participants with the propagation models used in wireless communication for calculation of path loss. With the clarity on the basic, course contents swiftly turn towards mobile network architecture. The main network elements with their functionality and interfaces are included in the study module. The course also covers a brief overview about the different generations of mobile network communication.

Participant will also gain knowledge on radio channels used in GSM.

This course is the foundation step for telecommunication learning and has been developed using authoring tool that can be taken up multiple times.

Upon completion of the GSM Network Fundamentals Online course, participants will learn about:

  • Wireless Cellular Systems
  • Telecom Frequency Concepts and Spectrum
  • Wave Propagation
  • Wireless Network Architecture
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • GSM Radio Channels

Basic knowledge about wireless communication and radio wave propagation.

  • Evolution of Cellular Systems
  • Frequency and Spectrum
  • Building Blocks of Mobile Networks
  • Network Connectivity
  • GSM Technology – Radio Channel Concepts
  • Basic concepts related to frequency and coverage
  • Radio wave propagation
  • Propagation models
  • GSM Architecture
  • Functionality of network elements used in GSM
  • Channels used in GSM

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