Long Term Evolution Network Architecture

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3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) provides technical specification for the mobile networks. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the 4th Generation standard of cellular networks given by 3GPP. The main focus of the LTE standard is to improve the capacity and data rates of the mobile communication networks. LTE is designed on the new digital signal processing techniques and modulations to have low latency for data transfer and handover. 4th Generation networks are designed for IP based system and have lower connection setup time as compared to previous generations.

This course lays good foundation for the Certification in Long Term Evolution program offered by Cognitel.

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  • Introduction to LTE Network Architecture
  • Difference between Network Elements of LTE with GSM & WCDMA Networks
  • Functionality of LTE Network Elements
  • LTE Network Interfaces
  • LTE Network Air Interface

The course starts with comprehensive comparison between LTE, GSM and WCDMA gives better understating of the evolution process. Participants will gain knowledge on network elements used in LTE and their functionality. The interfaces used in LTE are discussed in the course. This is a basic course and requires elementary knowledge about mobile network architecture like GSM.

  • LTE Network Elements
  • LTE Interfaces
  • Difference between various cellular network architecture like LTE, 3G and 2G


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6 reviews for Long Term Evolution Network Architecture

  1. Mukesh Kumar

    I want to learn Long term Evolution Network Architecture.

  2. Cognitel Support Team

    Thank you for contacting Cognitel.
    We will mail you course details and guide you on how to access the course.

  3. zeirevan

    This sounds a good course & i want to know if you provide certificate on this course exactly or not especially it’s free of charge.

  4. Cognitel Admin

    Hi Zeirevan,
    The course – Long Term Evolution Network Architecture, is a free course and does not provide any certification. But if you are looking for Certification, then please refer our full course – Certification in LTE (https://www.cognitel.com/courses/telecom-courses/radio-access-network/certification-long-term-evolution-lte/). This is a self-learning course designed by Industry Experts, for telecom professionals. At the end of the course, attempt a QUIZ. If you score 60% and above, then you earn yourself a Certificate.

  5. Devendra Singh


  6. Ebenezer Ogundare

    I recently started a training on DT Engineering for Wireless Networks, Kindly advice what courses to start wirh from free to paid that are certified. And if possible to run this online courses simultaneously. Don’t worry, am smart and intelligent. Thank you

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