In-Building Solution – IBS (2G/3G): Planning & Implementation

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The candidates attending this program should possess experience in 2G/3G networks, with basic concepts of RF planning and optimization.

  • Introduction to 2G In-building Solution (IBS)
  • Evolution to 3G IBS Network
  • Transmission Connectivity Concepts
  • Network Planning 2G & basics of 3G
  • IBS Overall Work Process Flow
  • IBS and it’s components
  • IBS Design, Implementation & Effective O&M
  • Acceptance Testing of IBS (2G & 3G)
  • Optimization of 2G & 3G Networks with key KPI/Parameters during drive test/ walk-test
  • Understand the 2G and 3G implementation of In-Building solution network
  • Implement the planning of IBS in 2G and 3G network
  • Upgrade from existing 2G IBS network to 3G IBS network
  • Implementation good practices to avoid KPI/SLA degradation and achieve smooth upgrades
  • Test and Optimize the network based on various parameters and KPI’s.

   Introduction to 2G In-building Solution (IBS)

  • Basic Architecture of 2G GSM/CDMA network
  • IBS in 2G Network Architecture
  • Types of IBS networks

   Evolution to 3G IBS Network

  • UMTS Network Introduction & Architecture
  • UMTS Services & Applications
  • WCDMA concepts, Channel Organization, Power Settings
  • WCDMA Radio Interface and Signaling
  • Equipment and Parameter testing changes in 3G IBS network
  • Radio Resource Manager overview
  • HSDPA – General Principle, Key Characteristics
  • Transmission Connectivity Concepts
  • PDH, SDH (Microwave & Optical Fiber)
  • ATM

  Network Planning 2G & basics of 3G

  • WCDMA Planning Process Overview
  • WCDMA Link Budget, Nominal Planning
  • Site Selection Criteria

  IBS Overall Work Process Flow

  • Generic Process
  • Understanding current Process gaps and fine tuning “Being developed

  Acceptance Testing of IBS (2G & 3G)

  • Equipment & Implementation related parameter testing
  • TX & RX Power, VSWR, Earthing, Alarm Integration & Monitoring

  Optimization of 2G/3G networks with key KPI/Parameters during drive test/walk-test

  • RF related Testing, Key performance indicators
  • Coverage walk Test, Parameters during drive test, Call Handover to external network
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