Certification in LTE Network Performance Management

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LTE RF Performance Management Training provides knowledge and skills needed for successful maintenance of LTE network and LTE optimization activities.In this course, the participants will learn how to undertake network performance improvement by user networks Key Performance Indicators. Additionally, the participants will also learn how to work with complex processes of LTE network management by using GIS map data, performance analysis data, planning, and performance reports.
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To join this course, it is recommended to first complete the Certification Program in Long Term Evolution (LTE) course.

  • Understand RF performance management processes
  • Prepare and check RF data requirements for performance management
  • Perform Data analysis, generate reports and execute corrective actions
  • Understand important KPIs and counters for LTE RF optimization

Module 1: LTE Performance Management

  • Understand need for LTE RF performance management
  • Describe the difference between RF tuning and optimization in LTE network
  • Describe the different steps in the LTE RAN tuning and optimization process
  • Understand important KPIs and counters for LTE RF optimization

Module 2: Performance Management Preparation

  • Perform Audits and Consistency checks
  • Conduct High Level Radio Design Review
  • Define Clusters and Drive test routes
  • Setup Drive Test Tools

Module 3: Data Analysis and Post Processing

  • Understand Performance Management considerations
  • Verify Cell Coverage area
  • Identify and troubleshoot coverage problems
    • Signal Power
    • Interference
    • Swapped feeder
    • Overshooting
  • Cell border analysis
  • Tuning for Coverage & Capacity improvement
  • Tuning and Optimization in hotspots area

Module 4: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Get introduction of performance management using KPIs and counters
  • Understand and improve Accessibility KPI
  • Understand and improve Retain ability KPI
  • Understand and improve Integrity KPI
  • Understand and improve Mobility KPI

Simulated Lab I: LTE Performance Management – Lab I

  • Configure cell site information in the optimization tool.
  • Load log files into the optimization tool.
  • Perform LTE coverage analysis by using following plots:
    • RSRP to identify the coverage issues due to lack of signal power RSRQ, CINR, SINR etc to identify coverage issues due to interference.
    • PCI plots to identify feeder swap, overshooting, Cell not transmitting, and cell border analysis.
  • Configure important plots into a favorite list for quick coverage analysis.
  • View data by displaying in maps, charts, and tables for easy analysis.

Simulated Lab II: LTE Performance Management – Lab II

  • Analyze the capacity of LTE network by using the following plots
  • DL LTE Throughput plot
  • UL LTE Throughput plots
  • LTE UE CINR plots
  • LTE UE MCS Avg DL plot
  • UE Modulation plot
  • Identify the reasons for low throughput in uplink or downlink

The students are required to undergo the final certification exam after going through all the modules. The certification exam is of 1 hour duration and contains 50 questions. The students need to score at least 60% marks to clear the exam.

Students are given unlimited attempts to clear the certification exam.

After Successfully Completing the exam , Cognitel will be awarding certificate for the same .

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    I loved the labs and the test

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    – Adobe Presenter and Captivate are easy to operate
    – Nice contents
    – Slide orientation and explanation is good

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