WCDMA Radio Network Parameter Planning (Corporate Only)



The trainees attending this course should have the basic knowledge of WCDMA technology and possess experience on 2G RF Network Planning.

  • Telecom Parameters
  • Radio Access Network Parameter Introduction
  • Multi system and Multi carrier deployment
  • HSPA Introduction, parameters and RRM
  • Explain various parameters required to access the WCDMA RF network
  • Understand the UMTS Air Interface aspects that impact the RF Planning
  • Describe the Multi carrier deployment between GSM & UMTS systems
  • Understand the additional parameters of High Speed Packet Access and Radio Resource Management

Telecom Parameters

  • UMTS Network Architecture and Protocol stacks
  • Idle Mode Operations includes System Information and cell selection and cell reselection procedure
  • Logical/Transport/Physical Channel Concept
  • Random Access Procedure
  • Connection Establishment Operation

Radio Access Network Parameter Introduction

  • Describe the purpose, structure and functionality of each RRM functional entity in detail
  • Describe all RRM features important for optimization in detail
  • Describe RRM related parameters

Multi system and Multi carrier deployment 

  • Interworking between GSM and UMTS
  • Multi carrier deployment
  • Direct RRC introduction
  • SIB limitation for neighbor broadcast

HSPA Introduction, parameters and RRM

  • Short review of HSPA technology
  • Explain HSPA RRM and the related parameters in detail
  • Parameter Dictionary
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