Certification in Telecom Business Operations (6 courses)


The module clubs the learning from following courses:

Telecom Management Network Model:

Telecom Management Network model (TMN) as a protocol for management of open-systems in any telecom network. TMN is a support network that interfaces the telecom networks, to provide means for transporting and processing operations, administration, maintenance, provisioning and management information. The course learning includes F CAPS, TACACS, LDAP, SNMP, CORBA, XML, MTOSI, SOAP and important APIs in telecom.

Operation Support System – OSS:

The course teaches about basic function of OSS. Network management processes on multiple vendor devices are streamlined using OSS applications. Participants will learn about Core Operational Processes like CRM, Service Management & Operations, Resource Management & Operations and Supplier Partner Relationship Management. The learning includes Order Management, Network Inventory management, Provisioning & Activation, Service Assurance, Applications for Fulfillment, Assurance.

Business Support System – BSS:

Main function of BSS is to facilitate relation between service providers and customers. Participants will learn about main processes of BSS like product management, customer management, order management and revenue management. Customer Relationship Management forms the main part of BSS. Course includes learning on functionalities of CRM, mediation process, billing and rating process.

Telecom Business Process:

The frameworks used in telecom industry are covered in the course. The contents of the course cover New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS), enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM), Shared Information Data (SID Model), Technology Neutral Architecture (TNA) and NGOSS Compliance Element.  The course also puts light on changes introduced by Frameworx with is new name for NGOSS.

Telecom Operations:

Telecom operations is a process of managing telecom services to ensure maximum availability & minimum disruption in telecom services. The telecom operations process involves managing functions like network inventory management, managing provisioning issues, network availability, & fault management. The course also covers the integration of eTOM and ITIL which is used in telecom operations.

Introduction to Big Data:

The course will help you understand the basic concepts on identifying the right data and make sense of Big Data. Apache Hadoop is a framework designed to perform computations in a distributed fashion. It works on large clusters made up of commodity hardware connected by network. The framework is designed to process Big Data at a much higher speed than the existing Computational Setup. Participants will learn about Hadoop and other open source technologies used for BIG Data processing.

For taking up the course – Telecom Business Operations course, basics of telecom network is a pre-requisite.

Engineering students or people interested to learn more about Telecom Operations.

  • Telecom Management Network Model
  • Operation Support System – OSS
  • Business Support System – BSS
  • Telecom Business Process
  • Telecom Operations
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Telecom Management Network Model
  • Fault Management/Configuration Management
  • Accounting Management/Performance Management/Security Management
  • APIs in telecom
  • Operation Support System (OSS)
  • Functions and processes of OSS
  • Business Support System (BSS)
  • Functions and processes of BSS
  • Mediation System/Billing Process/Rating Process
  • NGOSS/Frameworx/eTOM/SID/TNA
  • eTOM and ITIL integration for telecom operations
  • Batch Process
  • Big Data: Importance and associated risk
  • Hadoop
  • Open Source Technologies used for Big Data analysis

You need to complete the learning of all 6 modules/courses and score 60% or above in all individual assessments.

The Final Certificate shall automatically get generated, when you complete learning of all e-learning modules (6 numbers), at least once, and score 60% or above in the assessments. You shall have multiple attempts for the quizzes.

Note – The Certificate is issued by Cognitel Training Services Private Limited

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