ZTE BSS Network & Operations (Corporate Only)


Participants attending ZTE BSS Network & Operations program should have a basic understanding of Network elements in Mobile technologies. He or She should have experience in implementation or O&M in any domain like Fault, Configuration and Performance management in BSS network elements of any OEM product(s).

  • Introduction to Mobile BSS Network Architecture
  • Interfaces and Signalling Protocols
  • ZTE RNC ZXWR System and Functional description
  • ZTE NodeB ZXSDR BS 8800 System and functional description
  • Basics of ZTE BSS commissioning and integration
  • Basic Operation and Maintenance Procedures
  • Understand the basic architecture of BSS systems
  • Have a basic idea about the hardware used BSS network elements in mobile telecom
  • Describe interfaces and signalling protocols in BSS network
  • Explain the commissioning and integration process of ZTE BSS network elements
  • Perform basic O&M procedures
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